Wedding Catering: Steps To Make Sure It Goes Smoothly

Wedding Catering: Steps To Make Sure It Goes Smoothly

Make no mistake about it: the food at your wedding will be one of the most memorable parts of that special day. As such, it’s important to make sure you’ve got everything in place weeks beforehand, because surprises in this area are not a good thing. 

Since you’ll be running about trying to get all the more important things ready - such as checking out wedding gowns online, making sure the rings and the wedding bands are sized, completing the guest list and booking the venue - I’ve compiled a list of to-dos when it comes to the catering. This little service will ensure there aren’t any wedding catering faux pas on the menu.

Setting Up The Meeting With Your Caterer

When it’s time to meet your short list of catering services, you shouldn’t settle. Make a note of your first impression, and why you felt the way you did. The caterers that bring along some of the food they’ve made have a leg up on the competition - but only if the food is good. No matter how good the food looks on the brochures they bring, you need to see and taste it yourself.

Do not feel the need to settle on a caterer. A successful wedding is comprised of several parts - each of which should be excellent to make the entire event run smoothly. If you were patient enough to wait for the right spouse, then let this patience extend to properly planning your wedding caterer. After all, you and the latter will be in each others’ lives for the next few months until the much-awaited day.

Schedule A Full Tasting Session At the Right Time

If you had a taste preview during the meeting phase, fine; but you’ll need a full taste test in the to really assess the caterer’s skills. This formal tasting session can usually only come about after the contract is signed - understandably. You’ll be much better positioned to have the menu you envisioned tailored to your specifications after this session.

Make sure to have the tasting session scheduled in the same season as the wedding - meaning it should be weeks beforehand at most. Foods don’t always taste the same if they’re not in season. 

Check Out The Venue Weeks In Advance

You should, of course, get the venue early so as to stave off any competition. Make sure it’s the right kind of place for the catering style you intend for your wedding. Do the caterers come with the venue, or will you be bringing in your own from an off-site location? Some venues prohibit the importing of food, so you need to know this before you settle on a place - unless you opt for for the in-house option.

Another important note: make sure the catering venue can handle the electronics you’ll need for the event. If it’s just a small group comprised of family and close friends, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re expecting dozens and dozens of people - you’ll need multiple induction burners for the food.

If there are going to be a lot of children there, there should be enough space for their frolicking. As a part of the general catering service, you can bring in candy decorated with a festive, wedding mood to make the event inclusive for the little ones. Sweet Services has loads of conveniently-packaged bulk delicacies that even the adults will enjoy. There should be a small separate space at the venue for this addition - a candy station with burlap table runner bulk, of sorts.

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