What Are The Best Ways To Cook Sea Bass?

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Sea bass is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods amongst fish lovers. It offers a light meal that is bursting with flavour. If you have never tried this scrumptious fish before, or you are looking for some of the best ways to cook it, this article is just for you. 

So, what is sea bass? There is a lot of debate surrounding what actually classifies as true ‘sea bass’. Scientists will tell you that striped bass and black sea bass are true bass, however, White Sea bass is actually a species of fish called drum. Nonetheless, when it comes to eating this fish, the science of it all doesn’t really matter – as long as it tastes good!

A lot of people do not purchase sea bass because they assume it is going to be expensive. However, if you look at Walmart online sales and other online grocery stores, you can actually get this fish pretty cheap and the quality is not based either.

Now you know what this fish is, let’s take a look at three different ways to cook it...

• Grill – First and foremost, one of the easiest and most delicious ways to cook sea bass is to grill it. Moreover, grilling food is one of the healthiest cooking methods. Make sure you season the fish before you place it on the grill. Aside from salt and pepper, you may wish to add various herbs and spices. You will probably only need to grill the fish for three minutes on each side.

• Oven – If you really want to create a flavoursome dish you should put your sea bass in a tin foil parcel and cook it in the oven. Of course, before you do so, you will need to add some extra flavours. Once you have placed the fish on top of the tin foil try adding the following – fennel seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, fennel, red chilli, and lemon slices. This tastes delicious. The fish will be bursting with flavour once it comes out of the oven. It is advisable to put some olive oil on the tin foil before you place the fish on top to ensure it does not stick.

• Sauté – Last but not least, why not try sautéing the fish? Grab a bowl and blend some flour with salt and pepper. Coat each fillet in this mixture and then add it to a pan containing hot oil. Once the fish is golden brown remove it from the pan. This is a great option to go for if you are cooking for the whole family – the kids will love it.  

So, which method of cooking will you try first?

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