What Makes A Good C.H.E.F?

When it comes to mastering your kitchen, it can take awhile. No one comes forth into this world with an innate knowledge of how to blend flavors for the best results. These things take time, practice, and perhaps a little sprinkle of born ability. 

Have you ever wondered what that difference is - the quality that makes some people brilliant when it comes to preparing food? They might have been able to make a career out of it as a restaurant chef, or just remained an enthusiastic amateur. Whichever path they chose, they seem to have a special magic touch, something that sets them apart from the rest of us. 

What exactly is it that makes not just a good chef, but a great one? The clue is right there in the name… 

C Is For… Confidence 

A good chef is never afraid to experiment or try something new. That’s how innovation and taste experiences are made, after all. They look at two separate ingredients that you wouldn’t usually think of combining, and they think: I wonder what they would be like together?

Following a recipe is all well and good, but the mark of a true chef is a willingness to try things. They might go wrong and have to end up calling a pizza, but they are always happy to do something different. And when they get it right, they get it so right. 

H is for Habitat 

For a chef, the kitchen is their canvas on which they will build their masterpiece. They know exactly how they want it to be laid out, and the pros and cons of every piece of equipment they bring into it. They always make sure they have a quality kitchen knife or three, they know the best pans to use for the best results, and they have mastery over every kitchen gadget from the smoothie maker to the food processor. 

They also have a tendency to keep their workspace clear, so they can always see what they’re doing. They need the canvas to be clean before the art begins, of course. 

E is for Enthusiasm 

It’s one thing to cook because you have to, but it’s quite another to cook as the reward. Most of us cook because we want to eat something; true chefs cook because they love the process. This is where they are most at home, experimenting and trying new things. The fact they get an edible meal at the end of it is just a bonus; they’re all about the journey. 

F is for Fastidious 

If there is one thing that sets a great chef aside from the rest of us mere mortals, it’s that they are fastidious. They know where everything is meant to go. Their timings - always so crucial to cooking - are always on point. Attention to detail is the name of the game, and they don’t miss a beat when they’re cooking. 

Can You Learn To Be A Great Chef?

Yes! It might not come as easily to you, but all of the above qualities can be learned and perfected if you’re willing to put the hours in the kitchen. 

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