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Treats, Not Tricks Recipes from @kenmore #Cookmore

Treats, Not Tricks Recipes from Kenmore #Cookmore People get really creative with their spooky recipes during Halloween. Kenmore’s recipe community site features a fun cookbook

October 22, 2014 Holiday, Recipes
turducken a day

Momma Cuisine App Giveaway: #Turducken-A-Day-Giveaway with @EchelonFoods

Momma Cuisine App Giveaway: #Turducken-A-Day-Giveaway with Echelon Foods MOMMA CUISINE GOES MOBILE Celebrated home cook launches app for Ready for the Holidays Tour In step

October 15, 2014 Cooking Tour, Giveaways, Holiday
kenmore banner

Win Up to $3,000 of @Kenmore Appliances with “The Merriest Menu Contest “

Win Up to $3,000 of @Kenmore Appliances with “The Merriest Menu Contest “ Think you have what it takes to create the perfect holiday menu?

October 14, 2014 Entertaining, Holiday, Recipes

“The Dylan Brogan” Oolong Kombucha Cocktail by @NessAlla

This is an original recipe by NessAlla Kombucha shared on Print “The Dylan Brogan” Oolong Kombucha Cocktail by @NessAlla Ingredients 1 1/2 oz. Death’s

July 11, 2014 Holiday, Recipes

#Cookmore: Memorial Day Cookout Recipes by @Kenmore

Memorial Day is a special holiday commemorating fallen men and women during active duty of the military. It is a time to reflect of their

May 20, 2014 Holiday, Recipes
Strawberry Mascarpone Sandwiches by @MommaCuisine

Great Everyday Meals: Strawberry Mascarpone Sandwiches

Great Everyday Meals is sponsored by Kenmore and     Episode filmed with and produced by Fox Valley Magazine Print Strawberry Mascarpone Sandwishes Ingredients

February 13, 2014 #GreatEverdayMeals, Holiday, Recipes, Videos
superbowl eats by @mommacuisine with @kenmore's

Superbowl Eats

The big game is coming up and everyone’s thinking about game day eats! Ditch the typical, bland menu for some of these Superbowl recipes that

January 29, 2014 Holiday, Recipes

Great Everyday Meals: Coquito Recipe

Great Everyday Meals is sponsored by by Kenmore   Print Coquito Ingredients ½ cup water 1 ¼ ounce can sweetened condensed milk 2 egg

December 27, 2013 #GreatEverdayMeals, Holiday, Recipes, Videos
homemade hot cocoa mix

Great Everyday Meals: Gift Ideas – Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix & Vanilla Sugar

  Print Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix Ingredients 1 can of dry milk powder 5 cups confectioners sugar 2 cups dark cocoa powder 3 cups unsweetened


Turducken and Roasted Fennel & Orange Salad on WGN News

Find a Turducken in local grocers nationwide:

December 19, 2013 Cooking Tour, Entertaining, Holiday, Videos

Great Everyday Meals: Prime Rib Recipe with Chef Rick Gresh of David Burke’s Primehouse

Great Everyday Meals is brought to you by by Kenmore.      Christmas in my house means Prime Rib dinner. Prime Rib is delectable,

December 06, 2013 #GreatEverdayMeals, Holiday, Videos

Great Everyday Meals Cooking Show: Sweet Potato Pancakes

Great Everyday Meals cooking show is brought to you by by Kenmore Print Sweet Potato Pancakes Ingredients 2 cups all purpose flour 1 1/2

November 29, 2013 #GreatEverdayMeals, Holiday, Videos

Great Everyday Meals: Turkey Leftovers, Empanadas and Fried Rice

Great Everyday Meals Cooking Show is sponsored by by Kenmore     Over the holidays, the leftovers are just as abundant as the main

November 24, 2013 #GreatEverdayMeals, Holiday, Recipes, Videos

7 Turducken Myths, BUSTED!

This post is a paid advertisement from Echelon Foods. The legions of turducken fans are growing by the day.  Many have messaged us saying they

Small appliances, a great hostess gift

Kenmore is a proud sponsor of Momma Cuisine When looking for gifts for the hostess in your life, why not give the gift of small

November 22, 2013 Holiday

Great Everyday Meals: Cranberry Lacquered Cornish Hens

Cranberry Lacquered Cornish Hens Recipe by Momma Cuisine     Print Cranberry Lacquered Cornish Hens Ingredients 4-5 cornish hens 12 oz cranberries 3/4 cup granulated

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