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#MCShowLIVE {Premiere Episode Line Up} Kids’ Healthy Eating, October 9, 2012 @ 11 a.m. CDT

The premier episode of #MCShowLIVE is finally here and it is so exciting!! We have some great guests and giveaways lined up for you viewers

October 07, 2012 #MCShowLIVE, Lifestyle, Parenting, Videos
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{recipe} Paprika Baked Drumsticks

Chicken recipes are abundant and a part of weekly menus across the country. This recipe of Paprika Baked Drumsticks takes simple pantry spices like Paprika

October 03, 2012 Recipes
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Live Well, Eat Well: The Plantain – No Plain Jane by @NikkiWoods

THE PLANTAIN – NO PLAIN JANE I don’t have many memories that don’t include my grandmother – Mama Mae.  Weighing no more than 100 pounds,

October 02, 2012 Recipes
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{Taste Bites} How To Peel A Hard Boiled Egg

Peeling a hard boiled egg can be tedious, annoying and just a pain. Watch my quick tip on how to peel your hard boiled easily, and

September 27, 2012 #MCShowLIVE, Videos
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{recipe} Whiskey & Brown Sugar Short Ribs

Short Ribs…what can I say? When done right, it is Heaven on earth. Braised for hours until fork tender…heck, it’s so tender you can use

September 25, 2012 Recipes
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{giveaway} Two pairs of @Chicago_Gourmet tickets for Sunday, Sept 30, 2012 sponsored by @DrivingMidwest. (Ends Sun 9/23/12)

As you all know, this summer I have been driving around with Buick throughout the Chicago French Markets for the Buick & Momma Cuisine French

September 19, 2012 Giveaways
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{recipe} Slow Cooker Beef Stew

As soon as the air turns chillier, one of the first foods that comes to my mind is a hearty beef stew. Large and fork

September 19, 2012 Recipes
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{video} @Buick & Momma Cuisine French Market Tour #MCBuickTour

#MCBuickTour from Veronica Porter on Vimeo. As you all know, this summer I did a six-city Chicagoland cooking tour with Buick promoting the #MCShowLIVE as

September 13, 2012 #MCShowLIVE, Travel
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{recipe} Slow Cooker Chocolate Rice Pudding (Champorado)

Growing up in the Philippines until I was nine years old, I spent my early elementary school years eating many classic Filipino breakfast faves from

September 13, 2012 Recipes
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{lifestyle} Chef J. Joho of Everest Hosts @NoKidHungry Dinner with Guest Chef Jacques Torres

Photo Credit: No Kid Hungry, Everest and Jacques Torres Chef Joho will host the first annual No Kid Hungry Dinner – Chicago at Everest on

September 12, 2012 Lifestyle
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{recipes} Live Well, Eat Well: Ode To The Avocado by @NikkiWoods

Well “ode” may be a bit dramatic but some of my fondest memories are of sitting on the kitchen stool, watching my grandmother neatly slice

September 11, 2012 Lifestyle, Recipes
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{travel} @UrbanSpoon Names Top Fifty Restaurants To Dine With A Celeb

Photo credit: Sunda Chicago Catching a glimpse of a famous face while you’re grabbing a drink or a bite to eat can turn an everyday

September 10, 2012 Lifestyle, Travel
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{recipe} Fresh Cantaloupe Green Iced Tea

There are two of a few favorite drinks in my family, fresh iced tea and fresh cantaloupe juice. Cantaloupe juice is incredibly refreshing and can

September 09, 2012 Recipes
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#MCShowLIVE premiering on October 9, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. CDT on from Veronica Porter on Vimeo. This year has brought a lot of challenges for me personally and professionally. But, it has also opened up

September 08, 2012 #MCShowLIVE, Videos
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