5 Easy Waffle Sandwich Ideas You Can Try Today

Classic Breakfast Waffle Sandwich – Source: Olymel

Whether you forgot to buy bread, have picky eaters, or want to try something new and unique, waffle sandwiches are the way to go. Here are five easy waffle sandwich ideas you can try today.

The Classic Breakfast Sandwich

Let’s start with something familiar. Waffles are the perfect substitute for bread when making a breakfast sandwich.

Our first recipe calls for a fried egg, ham, cheese, and maple syrup. The waffles can soak up the syrup and keep the yolk inside with their pockets.

If you want something sweeter, try the breakfast grilled cheese. This sandwich includes sweetened cream cheese and jam. It is like the classic cream cheese bagel, but with waffles, you have a great balance of bread, cream cheese and fruit. If you want to cut out the excess sugar, replace the jam with fresh berries.

The Sweet and Fruity Sandwich

These sandwiches are great as a breakfast substitute or a snack. If cream cheese doesn’t sound appealing, try the rustic sandwich. It includes ricotta, blueberries and honey, giving the sandwich a fresh, sweet taste.

Let’s not forget the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, also known as the traditionalist. Ever worry about the jelly or peanut butter dripping from the sides? That is not a problem with waffles. The pockets will make sure that every bite is filled with delicious sweetness.

The Meat and Cheese Classic

Moving on from the sweet sandwiches for now, it is time for the meaty sandwiches. Kids and picky eaters will love the classic sandwich. The classic consists of lunch meat like ham or turkey and slices of cheese, cheddar being the most popular.

For those that want something more flavorful and filling, the Reuben sandwich is made with corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. With the slight sweetness in the waffles, it will add another layer of flavor to an old-school classic.

The Savory and Unique Sandwich

Ever wanted a chicken sandwich with a subtle sweetness? Chicken and waffles sandwich will hit the spot. You can use fried or rotisserie chicken and add some sauce or slices of tomato. Chicken and waffles may be a breakfast classic of the South, but it can be enjoyed anytime.

For those who want a different waffle experience, there is the cheddar and bacon cornmeal waffle sandwich with maple mustard. The ingredients may sound sophisticated, but it’s easy to make. To see for yourself, check out the recipe here.

The S'mores Sandwich

This sandwich is the most unique, but just as delicious. The sophisticate sandwich is like eating a large s'more without the fire or mess. All you need are toasted mini marshmallows and hazelnut cocoa spread. The mini marshmallows fit in the pockets and the waffles will stay intact after you bite into it, while graham crackers break apart and make a mess.

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