5 Tips for Vegetarian-Friendly Barbecues

The barbecue is a favorite dinner choice to bring large parties together. When a mouth-watering parade of delicious food comes hot off the grill, BBQ leaves everyone smiling. Burgers, steaks, wings, sizzling fish - sometimes it can be hard to pick which item you're planning to eat fifty of and which you'll settle for ten of, it's all just so...good.

Except, of course, if you're a vegetarian or a vegan. Barbecues are so often dominated by meat, the veggie options frequently pale in comparison, and it's easy to feel a bit left out. Or, if you're a vegetarian or vegan who loves to host, it can feel intimidating to invite people over when they know there'll be no meat on the menu.

It's silly, because there are a host of amazing meatless BBQ options. With more and more people choosing to adopt a meat-free diet, it's time to make vegetarian barbecues just as enticing as their meat-based counterparts.

Here are some basic ideas to put on a great veggie barbecue menu, or to extend the range for your vegetarian friends and make them feel as welcome as anyone.

Get Comfortable With Your Grill

Because it can be intimidating hosting a barbecue without meat on the menu, it's worth making sure you have the right grill for your needs. It's just as important to know how to make the most of your ingredients on a barbecue. Get comfortable with it - the world will thank you, and you don't have to share your practice results with anyone!

1) Halloumi Burgers

Best served sizzling and golden, halloumi has enjoyed a surge in recent popularity. It's easy to cut into chunky burger blocks and it keeps its shape on the grill. Rich in protein with a lusciously soft bite and a sweet, salty taste, it's a treat on a bun with salad and some spicy dressing.

2) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are, well, sweet, and that is complemented incredibly well by the char of a smoldering barbecue. They're so easy to prepare as well - just cut the potato in half and watch the grill work its magic. Serve with an abundance of butter and light, fragrant salad for a match made in heaven.

3) Eggplant or Zucchini Steaks (vegan-friendly)

With how big these amazing vegetables can get, they offer the choice to be served either as burger fillings or as steaks in their own right. You could even combine a hefty eggplant slice with a halloumi burger for a real treat. It's important to season them well; these veggies transform with a bit of salt, pepper and olive oil, and they're bursting with juicy flavor.

4) Vegetable Skewers (vegan-friendly)

It's simple, and it's delicious. Mixed peppers, red onions, mushrooms, blackened around the edges by the flames and so tender and sweet folk will be asking for their phone number. A brilliant accompaniment to...well, everything. You can eat them by themselves or transform a burger into a colorful work of art by sliding them off the skewer as top-notch toppings.

5) Dressings, Salads and Salsas (vegan-friendly)

One thing that transforms any dish is a truly stunning side. Here you can let your imagination take hold: go wild with your favorite salad vegetables, herbs, spices, sauces. Choose whatever creates an amazing flavor and brings that crisp, refreshing bite to the main item.

The best part is that this is almost always accessible to all your guests anyway. It's worth going the extra mile to make sure you've got a special offering - everyone will want to know your recipe!

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