Bacon Recipes for Dad on Father's Day (#SundaySupper)

When thinking about one Dad's favorite foods, bacon has got to be in the top three! The salty, crispy, fatty strips are such a beloved food that it's become an obsession for many and even adding it to chocolate, ice cream, donuts and more. We can't get enough of these suckers!

This Father's Day, I wanted to share some of my recipes featuring this delicious ingredient. So please, do Dad a favor and whip up a meal using his favorite food, bacon!

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Balsamic Meatloaf

This American classic gets a slight Italian twist with a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. What happens is the sweetness of the balsamic vinegar concentrates and plays a nice balance with the crispy, salty strips of bacon weaved on top of the loaf. This variation on a classic meatloaf recipe is perfect for a Father's Day dinner.

Angel Hair w/ Roasted Chicken & Bacon

This pasta dish is simple, affordable, elegant, and showcases our favorite ingredient, bacon! With only a few simple ingredients, you will see that you can make a great meal for not a lot of money. And your honey will thank you for it!

Scallops & Bacon in White Wine Sauce

Now, if you really want to turn it up a notch, try this recipe with seared scallops and asparagus spears with white wine sauce, and then garnished with what else? Delectable little crunchy pieces of Applewood Smoked Bacon.

Sauteed Greens & Beans w/ Crispy Bacon

Now, some of you have a hard time getting the hubs to eat their veggies. Why not lace it with a little bacon? He'll quickly realize who amazing vegetables are! ;)

What is your favorite recipe using bacon?? Share it with us!

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