Read the Summer Issue of Great Everyday Meals Magazine

Read the Summer Issue of Great Everyday Meals Magazine

Editor's Note

Simplicity of Summer

With the kids out of school, take the time to enjoy the simple joys of summer, bond with the family and remember that you can create life-long memories without spending a lot of money.
I am the first to admit, that with 3 kids many times it is difficult to take the kids out without spending a lot of cash. During the summer, it gets even more difficult for parents as we do our best to find activities, travel, and have our children experience things while they are out of school.
Now that you finally get a break from making and packing lunches everyday, you now find that you have the dreaded task of figuring out what to cook for the kids for breakfast, before lunch snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, before dinner snacks, dinner and after dinner treats. It is exhausting!
In this season's issue of GEM Food Mag, let me share some some simple recipes, creative ideas and tips so that you can enjoy your summer without slaving in the kitchen!


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