Thanksgiving Semi Vegetarian Appetizers with Liquor Winning Combinations

Generally, it's crazy to think about wine pairings. It is one of the craziest experiments one can do, and we are here to guide you about some of the heavenly pairings that you will cherish. 

Semi vegetarian starters and appetizers are not the casual ones to pair up with wine. You must have heard various pairings based on its levels of;

  • Acidity

  • Sweetness

  • Body

  • Fats 

  • Bitterness

As these are considerable characteristics while pairing up wine with vegetables.  

There are several categories of liquor like whiskey, champagne, wine and other spirits. 

And usually, pairings always go with meat and fish. We have some winning combinations that we have acquired of vegetables and wine which you can experiment with and celebrate! 

                                                                               Image credits ‘Pexels’

Goat Cheese Toasts with Rum

It is one of the unique and flavorful combinations. You can have mojitos prepared with rum along with goat cheese toasts with thyme and honey. 

The cocktail is prepared with light white rum, some lemon, mint leaves, lavender and water. And creamy goat cheese toasts, dripping with honey and spattered with thyme, smacked pepper, and some salt. 

These warm and crunchy toasts make a delightful combination with Mojito.

Both things go together amazingly. If you are a Rum lover, you should give it a shot. Also, you can get the best rum online and get it delivered to your doorstep at great prices. 

Champagne with Fruit and Cheese Skewers

Do you want to enjoy a delightful appetizer with your champagne? We have another special pairing for you guys.

You can prepare a Blushing Bride Sparkling Cocktail using chilled champagne, peaches and grenadine syrup. This cocktail is popular for any celebration, event or bridal occasion. 

Presenting it with mini fruit and traditional cheese skewers brightens any occasion and pleases the crowd.

We tell you, try this out by adding up cheese, juicy blackberries or olives on a toothpick for a traditional glimpse. 

The combination of this is a perfect treat to enjoy with a bubbly and fuzzy glass of champagne at a special event. 

Vodka with Roll Sushi Poppers

Here comes everyone's favorites, Vodka! What is the most popular drink with Vodka, it's Moscow Mule, pretty simple and everyone's favorite. 

                                                                               Image credits 'Pexels’

It is prepared using ginger beer, vodka of your choice and fresh lemon juice. Imagine pairing Moscow Mule with Sushi! It's going to be the best combo. 


We always see Sushi with ginger as a side, so why not try to drink it! Prepare your own California Sushi Poppers by using sweet rice, tuna, cucumber, seaweed sheet to roll, some spices, and avocado. 

Both of the things give an extravagant flavor and they will certainly become everyone's favorite! 

Vodka with Warm Prosciutto-Wrapped Peaches

We are here with Vodka again! Talking about the appetizers first, the peaches get wrapped in the Prosciutto, by adding goat cheese in the middle of peaches and placing a basil leaf on top. It has become everyone's favorite! 

Now, we are pairing it up with an Aperol Cocktail prepared using famous Skyy Vodka. Just know the fact, it is a highly antioxidant brew, why? Because of its ingredients. 

All the ingredients used in this cocktail are citrus and tangy. There is orange juice, fresh lemon juice, vodka and tangerine. 

Antioxidants are good for your health, so you can utilize this pleasing combination of Aperol Cocktail with Prosciutto-Wrapped Peaches any time of the year, especially in summers. 

Tequila and Fully Loaded Nacho Cups

Oh, Tequila is here! We were waiting for this one to pair up with something crazy. Whenever we listen to Tequila, only two drinks come to mind. Tequila Shots and Margaritas!! 

We are pairing Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita with Nacho Cups. It is our favorite one! This 

                                                                           Image credits 'Pexels’

Margarita is prepared using the dried jalapenos, tequila (silver tequila is best for this drink), lime juice, agave nectar, pinch of sugar and blood orange. 

Who doesn't like Nachos? Crunchy. crispy and salty with margaritas. Delicious!! 

You can prepare Nachos by adding ingredients of your choice like beans, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, olives etc.


Gin and Cheesy Potato Poppers

There are a few cocktails and drinks which earn your heart! Just like French 75. Anyone can have this drink, it is a powerful drink in sparkling attire. 

It is a blend of Champagne and Gin. Prepared to add mainly Gin, topping of Champagne or some Sparkling Wine with some fresh lime. Its crisp, tangy and simply sweet by adding any simple syrup. 

We are pairing this up with Potato Poppers. Who doesn't like Potatoes? You can make this appetizer easily filled with loads of cheese. All you have to first of all add mashed potatoes, then cheese, parsley, salt, pepper and garlic.

It doesn't take much time and is an absolutely perfect appetizer and side dish full of flavors. 

                                                                    Image credits 'Pexels’

Whiskey with Macaroni and Cheese Biscuits

So, have you heard of whiskey lemonade? If you are an enthusiast of whiskey bourbon, you must have heard of this amazing drink. 

You can prepare this drink by adding fresh lemon juice, simple honey syrup, and whiskey to your selection. Usually, people use Bourbon to prepare this drink. 

It gives a southern feel. Because of honey, this drink tastes sweet. And what can be better than macaroni and cheese topped with flaky biscuits? You guys need to check this out! 

This buttery and creamy appetizer pairs up so well with Whiskey! Everyone loves this quick and delicious combo.

Wine and Fish Taco Bites

Lastly, we have wine. So, we love Sangria, in which you can prepare red wine (rioja wine, the most famous one) or white wine.

The other ingredients are oranges, apples, lemon, red and berries. It tastes so good! 

We paired this up with Fish Taco Bites! These crispy tortilla wrap fish bites are so creamy that you will crave every time. 

Try both of these things together and enjoy each sip of it.

Let us know which combination of Semi Veggies and Liquor you like! We would love to know the experiments you guys do from our guide.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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