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Last year I took a Christmas time-out. I am not ashamed to admit that I plotted to have what I like to call an “intimate” Christmas with just my boys and a couple of close friends. We microwaved all of our favorite snack foods, watched all of our favorite movies, refused to pick up wrapping paper and stayed in our pajamas the entire day. It was heaven and hell all at the same time.

The boys had a grand time but I spent the whole day thinking about our family and friends, and wondering what they were up to.  Who would get drunk at Christmas dinner?  What was for dessert?  And if my famous macaroni and cheese was missed in proper proportions.

This year I am all over Christmas.  I am on the committee for the neighborhood party; I had half my shopping taken care of before December was even upon us; and I am already trying out menu ideas for the big day. In short – I am doing too much. We are still weeks away from Christmas and I am already overwhelmed. 

Which is why I made a very special call to my kitchen bestie – Momma Cusine who not only talked me down fromthe ledge – already decorated with Christmas lights – she shared some easy and fun tips to making your holiday delicious. 

Click the link to check out our chat.

I hope your Christmas is filled with great food, great company, and of course, that Santa is kind!  A very Merry Christmas from the Our Kitchen Team!

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