10 Kitchen Problems to Fix

If you are dreaming about a kitchen remodel, you may already have a list of things that you want to consider changing for it to look fantastic. Some people like the thought of changing the kitchen layout, others like the thought of taking down and opening up the walls so that the kitchen is actually merged into another room. Installing a new level of flooring, replacing the cabinets, or even rewiring the whole place, these are all jobs that can occur when you do a kitchen remodel. No matter what your plans are, there are usually some bumps in the road on the way given that this is a kitchen!

If something goes wrong during the kitchen remodel, or you are itching to make a change, you need to consider that this work is going to be a lot bigger than unblocking a clogged drain. So, you will want to make sure that your kitchen looks good even if this isn’t going to be a full remodel. You may just want to fix any problems that are happening, so you need to take your time to properly plan. Below, we’ve put some kitchen problems together so that you can figure out which ones you need to fix.

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  • Broken cabinets. You may not want to upgrade the entire kitchen, but broken cabinets can be a hazard. Not only could they collapse while you are cooking, broken cabinets and countertops can leave you feeling as if you’re living in a rundown property. If you’re planning on replacing the cabinetry or the counters, you might think about replacing the electrics if they have under and cabinet lighting. It can look like a maintenance disaster if you don’t get any help with this job, so make sure you call a reputable builder to help.

  • Do you want to make it an open plan? This is actually quite a big job, because taking down load-bearing walls can be a big problem. In fact, if the only wall available for you to take down is load-bearing, your entire house could collapse! Many homeowners who have their kitchen renovated in order to make it an open concept forget that load-bearing walls are a big deal. They compromise the structure and it’s not long before the cracks start to show. Having an architect or a structural engineer on hand is a good idea here because they can determine whether the wall is a load-bearing one or not. Check out these home improvement ideas if you want to find out what else you can do to your home.

  • You need to move the HVAC. If your heating or your air conditioning isn’t working properly in your kitchen, the chances are that there may be a kink in the system and you may need to move it. This is not a job that you can do on your own, so make sure that you have a HVAC specialist with plenty of experience come in and check all the HVAC lines. They can ensure that the lines are properly insulated and they can also ensure that you have enough space for a new HVAC unit.

  • You’ve got wires hanging out. Did you have an electrician do half the job in your kitchen? Your kitchen is the space where you cook, and sometimes it’s a space for you to eat. The last thing that you want is to have a half done job, where any appliances you were going to have built into the walls aren’t finished yet. This could mean the result is some dangerous electrics and electrical is never DIY. The electrical side of a renovation in a kitchen is a big thing. Hiring the right electrical contractor is the best decision here because they will be able to come in and ensure that your kitchen electrics are safe.

  • You didn’t get permits. One of the biggest kitchen problems is the fact that you start your own DIY jobs without looking into the correct permits. DIY is never a good idea in a kitchen in general, but doing the bigger jobs such as replacing electrics, touching the plumbing or even changing the structure, require permits. You should only ever hire professionals in your kitchen who insist on getting the proper permits because then you will know they are going to do the right job. Talk to your contractor and find out whether or not your kitchen is in need of permission to do any changes before you get started.

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  • You’re rushing the job. A big problem with your kitchen renovation dreams is rushing! When you rush, you make sloppy mistakes that can be avoided. You shouldn’t rush to hire the very first person that gives you advice on your home, nor should you rush to try and finish any of the jobs either. If you go too quickly, you’re going to find that the jobs are not done properly and the job is done sloppily. Slow down, take as much time as you need to find the right contractor and get the job done properly.

  • The kitchen isn’t ventilated properly. With all the cooking going on in the kitchen, it can get pretty steamy in there. There’s almost always something wrong with the venting in the kitchen, even if it starts up correctly. If somebody puts in a new kitchen with a microwave head, and you don’t have the right duct line, you are going to find that the kitchen is not going to be well ventilated. It’s at this point you need the help of a good HVAC specialist. They will ensure your duct sizes are correct and that they have entered directly outside.

  • Your tiles aren’t lined up. When you put in a new tile floor, the chances are you are going to put the tile right up against the cabinetry. This is a bad idea. If there’s ever a leak under the sink or the dishwasher decides to blow a gasket, you won’t see the water leaking down into the basement. Don’t try to install the kitchen floor for yourself. Make it clear that the whole floor needs to be replaced and speak to a contractor to do it for you. Most homeowners would change the cabinets when they install the kitchen floor so that they can avoid any flooding going on.

  • You didn’t plan it properly. Half the battle of a kitchen renovation is in the planning. When the kitchen design is wrong everything else will be wrong and that’s why you have to hire a professional kitchen company that will help you to design it properly. They can measure the space and use a digital model to show you exactly where everything is going to go and what it will look like. If you don’t hire a professional, and things start to go wrong, it only comes down on your head and everybody ends up with a headache. When you choose your appliances, do your research. Don’t be fooled with a shiny, shiny exterior. Make sure you get this right and save yourself the money down the line.

  • You didn’t hire the right people. That's a kitchen problem that you really need to fix - your hiring skills. You need to make sure that you have hired the right people for your kitchen to be renovated correctly. The biggest problem that you can see, is that without the right contractors this is not going to look good. Do your research, get your permits, and hire the right people. Without the right people, you don't get the right kitchen installed properly for you.

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