10 Tips For Raising Twin Babies

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Discovering that you’re about to have twins can be both exciting and scary. One baby is hard enough for most parents. Having to look after two babies is even more challenging. However, there are many hacks that can make it easier. Below are just a few tips for raising your two little ones. 

Buy a double stroller

When it comes to getting out and about with your baby, a double stroller is usually better than two strollers. You may not always have your partner or someone else around to push a second stroller. Pushing two strollers at the same time isn’t possible, so you’ll need a double stroller. 

There are various different types of double strollers including side-by-side strollers and tandem strollers. This buying guide for double strollers delves into some of the important things to consider when choosing a double stroller. 

Consider a twin bassinet too

Your twins have spent months together in the womb and therefore are likely to be most at peace when sleeping together. However, putting both twins in the same crib typically isn’t safe, as one can easily roll onto the other. That’s why a twin bassinet is often the best solution, allowing your twins to sleep together but apart. 

Twin bassinets come in various different styles. You may even be able to consider a convertible double stroller that also doubles up as a twin bassinet. 

Look into other gear for twins 

There are many other types of gear aimed at twins. This includes twin carriers, twin rockers and even twin nursing pillows. Check out some of this guide to twin infant products to get an idea of some of the stuff you can buy. 

Keep both babies on the same schedule

If possible, you should try to keep both babies on the same sleeping schedule and feeding schedule. Try to put them down to sleep at the same time. If one wakes up to feed, make sure to feed your other baby too (even if it means waking them up). Getting both of their schedules in sync will make things easier for you - it will give you more free time and more sleep. 

Don’t share everything

A mistake that some parents of twins make is sharing everything between their babies - including bottles, clothes and toys. It’s worth letting each child have a few individual belongings as this will help you to treat both babies as an individual. Once your babies become toddlers, having their own individual belongings could be important for helping them to develop their own personalities and sense of self. 

Master tandem feeding

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, it could be worth learning to tandem feed. This involves letting both infants feed at the same time from both breasts. This will save time and reduce stress caused by feeding individually. Not all moms of twins can master this, but it’s worth giving it a go - check out this guide to tandem feeding for more information.  

Entertain one while you tend to the other

There are times when you may need to tend to both babies individually. This includes changing diapers, getting both babies dressed and bathing each baby. Find a way of entertaining one child while tending to the other. Putting them in a bouncer seat while watching TV or in a playpen with some toys once they start crawling could be one way to do this. 

Know when to prioritize one twin’s needs

There may be times when one twin is sick or developing more slowly than the other. In these cases, they may need more attention than your other twin child. Don’t feel guilty for prioritising the care of one over the other. There may even be times when you have to let one baby cry because the other’s needs are more important - a few minutes of crying won’t do them any damage. 

Get a helping hand

There will be many times when a helping hand can be useful such as when having to do household tasks, bathe your little ones or even simply so that you can take a nap. If you don’t have a partner to regularly lend a hand, consider reaching out to friends and family. Some people will offer help - make sure that you accept this when you need it. 

Remind yourself things will get easier

Twin babies can be a handful, but things will get easier as they get older and more independent. Having twins can even be a blessing at times because both children will always have a playmate and may not demand as much attention once they reach toddler age.

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