11 Authentic Dominican Food You Must Try On Your Next Trip

Several must-try Dominican dishes are la bandera, bacalo, los tres goles, asopao, catibias, salpicón, helado de batata, and chimichurri.

The Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean that is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical weather. But that is not the only thing beautiful about the Dominican Republic.

The food there is exquisite and truly reflects their culture. Of the hundreds of traditional Dominican recipes, some originated from the Latin world and now have a Dominican flavor, while some other dishes are completely unique to the Dominican Republic

With that being said, let us look at these authentic Dominican foods that you really should try when you visit the Dominican Republic.

1. The Traditional La Bandera

This is a traditional Dominican lunch dish. One could even say it is the country’s national dish. The word la Bandera literally translates into “the Flag” because the dish contains all the colors present in the flag of the Dominican Republic.

The ingredients for this recipe include white rice, red kidney beans, and either beef or chicken. You can alter the taste a bit by switching red kidney beans with black beans or pigeon peas.

2. Bacalao

Bacalao, or as the full name goes, bacalao guisado con papa, is a mouthwatering dish made of codfish and potatoes. It is a fish stew, and salted dried codfish is its key ingredient.

3. The Flavorful Los Tres Golpes

This is another traditional Dominican dish. This is somewhat similar to mangú. One could say this dish is a modified version of mangú, and they would not be wrong. The key difference between mangú and los tres golpes is in the topping.

This dish uses three separate toppings instead of just sauteed onion. Hence the name los tres golpes, or “the three hits.” The toppings that are used here include sauteed onions, fried eggs, and salami with some cheese.

This is a great dish to start your day off with because of its high-calorie count. You will not be feeling hungry for a long time.

4. Asopao

You can say that this dish is somewhat similar to the thick stew that is made with rice and chicken. Using avocado with it also tastes great. You can enjoy it best when it is raining outside. Instead of chicken, you can also use pork, beef, shrimp, or a combination of all of these.

5. Mouthwatering Catibias

Catibia is somewhat similar to an empanada, which is a traditional bakery item that has sweet fillings inside. It is usually made with wheat. But catabia is not your traditional wheat empanada. They do not use sweet fillings.

Instead, catabia is made with chicken, beef, cheese, or any other savory filling. The people of the Dominican Republic love to eat meat, and their dishes represent that trait about them very well.

6. Salpicon

You will find this dish more in the coastal areas than in the inner cities. That is because this dish is a mix of vegetables and seafood. You will obviously visit the beaches in the Dominican Republic, and while there, you will fall in love with the taste of salpicon. You can either eat it as an entree or use it as an appetizer for the main dish.

7. The Sancocho Stew

This is another stew-like dish popular in the Dominican Republic. The main ingredients for this stew are different sorts of meat instead of just chicken. It includes chicken, beef, pork, mutton, or all of them together. It can also be eaten with avocado or white rice. Apart from the meat, some people use vegetables such as pumpkins and yams to enhance the taste.

8. Helado de Batata

You will not find this dish easily on the urban side, or on the coastal side. It can only be found in the countryside. It is not a whole dish, just an ice cream. But it is not made with traditional ice cream materials. It only has three ingredients: sweet potato, milk, and sugar. Some people even use coconuts to enhance the taste even more. If you wish to relax with this cool Dominican ice cream, then definitely visit the countryside of the Dominican Republic.

9. Tostones

We have seen a lot of delicious traditional dominical dishes. But now, let us look at something that did not originate in The Dominican Republic, but is still very popular here. Yes, we are talking about testones.

It is made by frying plantains or green bananas. Plantains originated in Asia and were brought here from Africa. Ever since then, it has been a staple of the Dominical diet. You can eat it as a main dish or a side dish, but the best way is with fried Dominican salami and a chilled beer.

10. Chimichurri

Now, on to some delicious Dominican street food. Often referred to as chimi by the locals, this Dominican burger is a very popular dish. Made with onions, tomatoes, and shredded cabbage with a sauce of mayonnaise and ketchup, chimichurris will completely change the way you look at burgers.

11. Casabe

If you wish to devour some healthy and tasty Dominican bakery items, the casabe should be your go-to option. It is made with cassava bread. It has zero cholesterol and fat but is very rich in fiber.

This is why they are very popular among health enthusiasts. Since it is just plain bread, eating it plainly will not give you that much of a taste. Enjoy it with some delicious Dominican tea or coffee.

Final Thoughts

Dominican food is unique. If you go through all of their dishes, you will notice that they are very fond of protein-based foods. They love eating meat, fish, and eggs. But that does not mean they do not eat vegetables. Plantains are very popular in the Dominican Republic. If you are planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic, then definitely try their local dishes. You will never forget the experience.

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