11 Tips to Get the Most From Your Detox

From time to time, a health detox can be just what your body needs to feel better, more energetic. And, a good detox done right can lead to better mental sharpness, leaving you feeling more alert and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. Whether you want to improve your weight, feel better or think clearer, it’s important to detox in a way that’s healthy and safe for your body. We’ve put together some top tips on how to safely detox without being distracted by cravings. 

#1. Drink More Water:
Any good nutritionist will tell you that the first step to a healthy and safe detox is to start by drinking more water. Since your body is made up of around 70% water, there’s no denying that giving your body all the water it needs will instantly start making you feel better. Not drinking enough water means that it’s more difficult for your body to flush out toxins, plus it leaves you feeling dehydrated and sluggish. To kick-start your detox, make sure that you’re drinking at least six to eight glasses of water each day. 

#2. Cut Out Alcohol and Caffeine:
Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and cola can all dehydrate the body, so during your detox, it’s a best to cut them out or at the very least, cut down on them as much as possible. If you need a coffee to help you get going in the morning, try to limit yourself to just one. And don’t forget to keep drinking plenty of water to combat the dehydrating effects. Alcohol is another substance that is wise to cut out during your detox because alcohol itself is a toxin. It can also dehydrate your body and make it more difficult for you to flush other toxins out. Again, don’t forget to up your water intake if you do consume any alcohol. 

#3. Avoid Processed Foods:
Processed foods can be a convenient option, but they can be tough on your digestive system if you eat a lot of them. To get the most from your detox, focus on eating more fresh foods and less processed meals. This will give your digestive system a much-needed break and help with flushing any toxins out of it. 

#4. Up your Fruit and Veg Intake:
Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables that you get in your diet is an important part of any health detox. Fruit and vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables, are full of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that will help to flush toxins out of your body, improve your energy levels and help to curb any cravings that you might have. Whole fruits such as plums, pears, apples and berries are especially good for detoxing. However, although they are often a popular choice, it’s a wise idea to avoid fruit juices, so you don’t get big sugar hits and can keep your energy levels stable. 

#5. Eat Healthy Fats:
Contrary to popular belief, detoxing doesn’t mean living off nothing but fruit and vegetables for a few weeks. Getting plenty of healthy fats in your diet is also important, especially if you are detoxing to lose weight as they will help your body burn excess fat in addition to keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Raw nuts and seeds, avocados, and some vegetable and nut oils are great sources of healthy fats. Plus, they make great snacks, so if you’re getting cravings throughout the day, they are the best things to have on hand to slow down your digestion and give you more energy. Chia seeds are also a great detox snack idea; they’re full of protein and Omega-3, and easy to digest too.

#6. Fill Up on Whole Grains:
During your detox, you will want to stay away from starchy, refined carbohydrates such as pasta, white rice, and bread. Instead, add a variety of whole grains to your diet – these are high in fiber, which will help flush toxins out of your digestive system and promote healthy digestion. And, they are great sources of energy to help keep you going during your detox. 

#7. Eat Less Salt:
Making a conscious effort to eat less salt should be a high priority whilst detoxing. Bear in mind that even if you don’t add extra salt to your meals, many foods already have a high salt content. Make an effort to check the salt content of any food that you eat. Processed foods in particular tend to be higher in salt than anything else, so simply cutting down on these as part of your detox will help you better manage your salt intake. 

#8. Supplement:
Along with the right foods, you may want to consider adding some natural supplements, such as the Cleanest Body supplement, to your diet for a health boost and to ensure that you’re getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals for healthy results. Adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola rosea and ashwagandha can be particularly helpful, and it’s always a good idea to take a daily multi-vitamin. Check out Blue Sky Vitamin for a range of supplements, herbs, oils and more to support your natural detox. Along with supplements designed to help detox your body, you can also find tablets, powders, and oils for energy boosting, thyroid, kidney, vascular support and more. 

#9. Start the Day Right:
Set your alarm for a few minutes earlier than usual in the morning, so that you can start the day with a cup of hot water and fresh lemon. And, whilst eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning is important, it’s a good idea to give your body some time to wake up before you eat. This will help promote healthy digestion.

#10. Get Enough Sleep:
Don’t forget that your diet isn’t the only important part of a healthy detox. You should make sure that your body is getting enough sleep each night to rejuvenate itself and regenerate the energy that you need to face the day. When we sleep, the body undergoes a healing process, allowing your skin to regenerate and your immune system to fight off any inflammation or infection. And, a few hours into your sleep, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will drop, before rising to peak as you wake up, which helps you feel perky and have an appetite in the morning. 

#11. Make Exercise a Priority:
Along with getting the right nutrients in your diet, getting plenty of quality sleep and starting your day off right, exercise should also play a big part in the detox process. It’s a good idea to make moving your body in some way a requirement for every day, even if you just go for a small walk at lunchtime or take up some yoga classes. Bear in mind that unless you want to there’s no need to go hard at the gym every day – in fact, doing this when you’re not used to that kind of lifestyle could lead to a crash and burn. So, gradually add more movement into your daily life and find exercises that you are comfortable with and enjoy. 

Finally, keep it going! A detox doesn’t have to be a short-term plan; you can gradually add these changes to your daily habits to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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