18 Home Organization Tips You Need for a Clutter-Free Space

Nothing excites every homeowner more than coming home to a clean, comfortable space after a long day. If you feel discomfort or demotivated after work hours, your home might not be conducive to living. The only way to maintain a clutter-free space is by doing these 18 home organization tips for more functional and luxurious living. 

1. Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Having more storage at home means you can get rid of stuff you don’t need daily. Buying multi-purpose furniture is one way to stow away things quickly and out of sight. Buying a living room stool that doubles as storage is recommended.

2. Invest in storage boxes or baskets

Storage boxes or baskets are valuable in your home, especially if you have a small space with minimal storage. These boxes are cheap and can be hidden in inconspicuous areas. You can slide them under the bed or hide them in storage rooms. 

3. Install wall-mounted shelves

Another way to prevent clutter while displaying beautiful things in your home is through wall-mounted shelves. This home organization tip is also suitable for smaller homes. Ensure you install the shelves vertically to give the illusion of a higher ceiling, making your space appear larger. 

4. Do regular decluttering

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You inevitably accumulate stuff over time, which is normal. Conduct regular decluttering to get rid of stuff you don’t need. “Out with the old, in with the new,” they say. Clothes are the most common things that pile up over time. Clear your dresser, lay all your clothes on the bed, and separate what clothes you still wear and haven’t worn for a long time. See which clothes you can give away, donate, or sell. 

5. Compartmentalize drawers

Your bedroom dresser could be one of the most haphazard storage if you don’t practice home organization tips. Compartmentalize your drawers so it’s easy for you to look for clothes or items. 

6. Install a space-saving desk

This tip is suitable for those who have small spaces. Installing a space-saving desk is better if you’re trying to save space in your studio apartment or loft. It can make for a clutter-free home, primarily if you can hide the desk by locking it upwards.

7. Color code everything 

Color coding applies to items in your home, such as clothes or kitchen jars. You can categorize items by colors or place color-coded stickers on jars. Color coding helps you find stuff quickly.

8. Use rods

Rods are commonly used in closets to hang clothes, allowing for efficient storage and easy access. They provide a convenient way to hang shirts, dresses, jackets, and other garments, keeping them wrinkle-free and organized. By utilizing rods, you can maximize vertical space in your closet and make the most of your storage area.

9. Use hooks

Hooks allow you to hang oversized items like bags, hats, coats, or umbrellas. These valuable things help free up floor or surface space, ensuring your home is clutter-free and tidy. Having hooks around the house also reduces frustration and time finding needed items.

10. Install open shelves

Installing open shelves lets you display valuable items that amp up personalization in your space. You can curate what items you want to display, such as travel memorabilia, picture frames, or collections. Open shelves also help in home organization because they can be installed anywhere. Bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, home offices, you name it. 

11. Take advantage of storage under the bed and stairs

One of the simplest home organization tips for maximizing storage is under the bed and stairs. These areas typically offer ample space for storing your boxes, baskets, or any oversized items you don’t need to access regularly. It’s also easy to slide stuff under the bed and stairs, making it a quick home organization hack. 

12. Take inventory of your stuff

Clutter is the biggest culprit of a messy house. And one of the biggest causes of clutter is hoarding. You might not realize it, but you may be hoarding stuff you don’t need that accumulates to clutter. To prevent this, take inventory of your stuff and eliminate items you don’t need or wear. Getting rid of old stuff and making way for new ones can be refreshing. 

13. Store things in the proper places

One of the home organization methods you can do every day is to store things in proper places. Maintaining familiarity in your home ensures you find things you need quickly because you know where they’re stored. For instance, cleaning supplies must be stored in the kitchen or garage. Meanwhile, bags, hats, and coats are usually stored in bedroom cabinets or dressers. Condiments must be displayed in kitchen cupboards, while your vinyl records must be in your entertainment area or living room. 

14. Try file folding

File folding is a folding method popularized by the minimalist expert Marie Kondo. It’s the process of lining up your clothes vertically instead of stacking them in a drawer. It resembles how files are lined up in an office cabinet. File folding is a good home organization technique that saves space and prevents wrinkles on your precious clothes. 

15. Use drawer dividers

Another way to organize your bedroom dresser is to use drawer dividers. This way, your clothes, accessories, and other items don’t get mixed into one pile, making it harder to find the things and clothes you need. 

16. Use labels

Labeling storage boxes, drawers, jars, plastic containers, and even Ziplock bags for smaller items is a step toward a clutter-free lifestyle. Labels help you identify what items are in the containers without rummaging through the pile of stuff. Plus, labels also save you time from opening one storage to another because you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

17. Clean every day

It might sound too demanding, but dedicating a few minutes to clean daily prevents dirt and stuff from accumulating in various areas. You can go through the rooms in your home and return things that aren’t in their proper places. Better yet, you may also sweep for a few minutes daily to keep your floor spic and span. 

18. Practice minimalism 

Minimalism is about “less is more,” and embracing fewer yet necessary things. The concept of minimalism means avoiding unnecessary things while keeping everything simple and functional. Try to practice minimalism at home so you don’t habitually hoard items contributing to clutter. 

Final Thoughts

These home organization tips are doable if you commit to maintaining a tidy, well-kempt home daily. Practicing these habits and making a few tweaks to improve your lifestyle allow for a cleaner home and a more productive day. 

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