3 Kitchen Must-Haves For Your New Home


Moving into a brand-new house is exciting, whether you’ve had one built to your specifications or you’ve bought one ready-made to move into. You have a blank canvas to move into that you can splash your personality all over, and if there’s one room most people are excited to decorate, it’s the kitchen. Packing up your old one to move into one no one has ever cooked in before is brilliant. You know you’re about to give your kitchen the personality that reflects you and your cooking style.
The kitchen is the warm hub of the home where all the action happens. Usually, meals are eaten there as well as cooked and so kitting out the kitchen in the latest appliances and smaller equipment is so much fun. If you have bought a house that comes with an appliance package, you’ll likely be able to choose the type of appliances that will be installed in the room before you get there. If not, you’ll have to ensure that your movers are extra careful moving your kitchen goods into the house so as not to scratch them. There are some absolute gems when it comes to appliances - other than the standard oven and refrigerator - that can give your new kitchen a touch of luxury and also, a touch of technology. Check out these kitchen must-haves that every brand spanking new kitchen should have:

Water Purifying Taps: One of the lesser known kitchen luxuries are the taps. Not only can you buy these beauties that instantly pour your boiling water, but you can buy taps that purify your water. No need for filter jugs in the fridge or a plumbed and integrated fridge to get cold water from. You can get delicious water straight from the tap by the sink, not only saving yourself money on bottled water but you can cook with pure water. Nifty, huh?

Dishwasher: If you’re heavy with the cooking or a parent, you can rely on a dishwasher to ensure you get everything done rather than hand washing. With adjustable racks and fold down tines, you can get so many variations of dishwasher now that all you have to do is find one to suit you. Always make sure you have a warranty on your product though, just in case all that delicious cooking you do causes a breakdown!

Sensor Bins: Kitchens are a hotbed of germs and even the newest of kitchens can be quickly a germ-covered mess. A trash bin that you activate with just a wave of the hand is the future in home kitchens. We can already find them in public bathrooms, but by opening the kitchen bin with a hand wave, you cut down the time washing hands while cooking just because you had to open the bin.

These three smart appliances for the kitchen are the new homeowners dream, budget carefully so you can add these impressive qualities to your kitchen and make your first home together a unique one.

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