3 Ways to Get Back to Work After Having a Baby

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For many moms-to-be figuring out what they will do once they have had their baby isn’t at the top of their priorities. Often, women like to stay at home for as long as possible with their newborns (who wouldn’t!) and so don’t think seriously about returning to work. 

Unless you have taken a specified maternity leave from your job, it is likely that you will effectively have to start up again. Whether that means applying for a new role, setting up on your own or taking a new direction, there are lots of jobs suitable for moms. Choosing the right job to return to work is just about knowing what you want and then searching for the right thing.

Sometimes it seems like moms have it tough getting back to work but whether you have been rearing your children for several years or are still caring for a young family, here’s what you might like to think about. 

Skill Up

The world of work is far more competitive for women than for men and given that you have taken time away for children, you need to give yourself an edge for any interview. To start with, don’t underestimate all the different skills you have picked up as a mom: negotiation, persuasion, time management and organization are all highly valued skills in every industry. 

You might also like to take a class or even get a degree to reassert your skills in the workplace. For example, a master supply chain management online would certainly make you stand out from the crowd as well as demonstrate your determination and ability to continue learning to a high level. 

Work For Yourself

If you would like to achieve that finely tuned work/ life/ family balance, then working for yourself is a good option and there is a wide range of options for you. Given the popularity of the gig economy and more and more people are setting up solo businesses, Mompreneurs are right on trend and very sensible earners.

You can choose your hours according to your schedule, work as much or as little as you would like or need and you can combine your efforts with childcare if you need. The stigmas attached to working while parenting are being broken down and when you’re in charge, who’s to say that you can’t have a meeting while pushing a buggy around the park? 

Use Your Contacts

One of the best parts of becoming a mother is expanding your social circle to include other new mothers and their friends. There is nothing like the park or playground for a networking opportunity! Use the time that your children are playing to make new friends and don’t be afraid to mention that you are looking for a job. Moms relish the opportunity to help each other and there will probably be something you can help with in return too. 

Getting back to work doesn't have to be an uphill struggle and while women certainly have to work harder to get back in the game, you know that you are well equipped to do it yourself. 

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