4 Fantastic Ways To Embrace The Alfresco Lifestyle At Home

What is the alfresco lifestyle? Simply put, this is all about spending more time outside and usually around your garden. By doing this, you can gain a lot of benefits. It’s great if you can encourage your family to spend more time outside because this will good for your health. You will also be making improvements to your home that are going to add a lot of value to your property. When you put your home on the market, you’ll find that buyers love homes that have been designed with the alfresco lifestyle in mind. Here are some of the key options that you can and perhaps should explore for your garden this year. 

Add A Pool

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First, you might want to consider adding a pool to your garden. You might think that adding a pool is going to be ridiculously expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead, with the right steps, you can make sure that a pool will easily fit into your budget. The average cost of a pool installation is about five thousand. But this can differ depending on the features and the size that you are thinking about. Do be aware that you will want to make the most out of your pool all year around. To guarantee you can do this, we recommend that you think about heating your pool. You can click here to view the benefits and advantages of heating your pool with propane and how it can make your private oasis that much better. 

Fibre glass pools are the cheapest installation option and you will also need to make sure that you do understand some of the requirements that must be part of your design. For instance, if you have kids or even pets, you need a safety feature to ensure that they can’t access the pool when you are not there to supervise them. This can be incredibly dangerous which is why you’ll find most pools that are part of family homes have safety gates. 

Change The Ground 

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Next, you might want to think about changing the ground around your property. For instance, you could consider investing in astro turf. The big benefit of astro turf is that it doesn’t need to be maintained. Due to this, you won’t need to worry about needing to spend a massive amount of time on your garden at all. Instead, it will always look green and beautiful regardless of the weather. If you want to ensure that your garden makes your neighbors green with envy, then this is definitely the way to do it. 

Astro turf is also great if you have kids because it means that you can add a lot of different elements and features to your garden without worrying that you might damage the grass. If you are interested in this possibility, we recommend that you do speak to a variety of different contractors. By exploring various contractors, you can make sure that you won’t be paying a fortune for a new feature like this. You could also think about other flooring options too such as an elevated deck. This can be the perfect spot for enjoying a drink or a meal with friends. Of course, if you want to dine outside, then there’s another option to consider. 

Outdoor Kitchen

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Another cool idea that will allow you to spend more time in your garden is an outdoor kitchen area. These have become very popular with modern buyers and it is often seen as a luxury feature for a modern home. If you  are thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen, you need to consider the elements that are important for your design. For instance, you could consider adding a kitchen that is complete with all the different parts of a main kitchen. Or, you might want to focus on options that are suitable for the outdoors such as a stone pizza oven. This can be a unique feature of your property and a great way to ensure that your home is guaranteed to attract attention on the market.

Be aware that there are a range of different ways that you can design an outdoor kitchen. It can be connected to a main wall of your home or it might be completely separate. This is largely going to depend on how you  want to layout your garden. For instance, you might decide to think about having it totally detached. If that’s the case, then it’s important to think about shelter. Adding a shelter to your outdoor kitchen will ensure that you can use it throughout the year and also help solve the issue of insects ruining your fun. 

Garden Cabin

Finally, you could think about adding a gardin cabin to your home. A garden cabin can be a brand new private part of your home that you can use to relax or concentra. It’s a fantastic idea if you or your partner is working remotely because it will provide you with a place where you can operate that is completely free of distractions. 

Be aware that garden cabins do come in a variety of different styles and sizes. So, you should easily be able to find one that does match the overall aesthetic of your home. 

When you order a garden cabin, they can come preassembled or you could think about paying for someone to build this for you. It can also be a DIY option but be aware that this is quite a tricky task. As such, if you’re not great with projects like this, you will probably be better off calling in the pros. 

We hope you love these ideas for how to change up your garden, ensuring that you improve it in a variety of ways. By opting for the right choices here, you’ll definitely be spending a lot more time in your garden overall and that’s not the only benefit. You will also be able to make sure that your kids love your garden too. Don’t forget, there are various ways to improve your garden. You won’t need to spend a fortune to create the right impact here. 

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