4 Home Accents to Treat Yourself to Immediately

Your home is your haven, so it makes sense to do everything in your power to keep it cozy, comfortable and inviting for your family and guests alike. Is it time that you invested in a few new home and living essentials to maximize your quality of life? Here is a list of four of the must-have home comforts that you should consider splurging on right now. 

Decorative bath mats 

Plush, fluffy bath mats have been all the rage for a while now. However, this trend is set to change in 2020 and beyond. The new focus is on highly artistic decorative bath mats. Think beautiful, yet quirky designs to match every personality, from cartoon unicorns to colorful hot air balloons. You can be sure that this simple purchase will inject a fresh and memorable personality into your bathroom – minimal effort and spend required on your part!

Cozy floor pillows

Another emerging home essentials trend of the year is that of floor pillows – and they are exactly that. Pillows that you place on the floor. Set them up around your coffee table and enjoy your dinner in a brand new setting, curl up and savor a movie night with friends and family, or place the pillow on top of a thick rug and dive into a great book. You can rest assured that they are as comfortable as they are stunning, especially if you buy them from a print-on-demand platform like Redbubble. Don’t forget to check for Redbubble coupons online before you check out! 


Add some traditional flair with a modern edge when you treat your home to a lovely tapestry. Tapestries come in a myriad of different styles and colors perfect for emphasizing the already-existing décor inside your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Go for something colorful if you want to give the atmosphere in the room a boost or opt for a design that is more neutral to subtly accent your space. Classic floral prints are especially popular right now, as are collages and photograph prints. Feel free to let your creative juices flow when choosing the perfect fit!

Shower curtains 

Your shower curtain is likely one of the least memorable aspects of your home – until now, that is! Another fad spreading like wildfire across the globe is to dress up your shower with vibrant, bold shower curtains featuring gorgeous artwork and motifs. White shower curtains with black polka dots are particularly minimalistic yet promise to catch one’s eye immediately. If you want to embrace this fad full force, be sure to opt for more daring prints. The sexy mushroom shower curtain print from Redbubble is a firm favorite – check it out! 

You will be amazed at just how much joy these home accents can bring to both your life and your interior. Now is the time to shop until you drop and transform your living space into a work of art in and of itself. Enjoy every moment of the process! 

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