4 Reasons Why Nothing Can Beat Granite Countertops

Granite worktops are not cheap, but they are simply the best available for a number of reasons. This remains true whether we are discussing the best natural material or just the best possible choice for countertops overall. To know why such bold claims can be made about granite without a shadow of doubt, do read on.

Granite is a Better and Cheaper Option than Quartz

There is just one other material used in countertop manufacturing that is tougher than even granite, and that’s quartz. Nothing else comes even close to the two in terms of strength and durability. Now, the question is, if quartz is stronger and even more durable than granite, how could granite be a better option?

To answer the question, let us list a set of serious advantages that granite has over its denser opponent.

• The difference in durability and compressive strength is not significant enough to matter in real life usage
• The options in colour and pattern are far wider with granite than with quartz, which just always looks like marble
• Quartz is very susceptible to water damage, so quartz countertops need regular resealing, while granite worktops need sealing only once every 5 years
• Granite is slightly cheaper, in spite of being a better option, especially once you consider quartz’s susceptibility to moisture damage

Granite is Heat, Stain and Scratch Resistant

You have a higher chance of breaking your new stainless-steel chef’s knife on a granite surface than you are likely to scratch a natural stone worktop! That being said, just like any other natural stone, ensure that the worktop has been properly sealed to protect it from heat, cold, stains, scratches, and water damage. Buy from a reputable company like Trend Transformations if you want granite worktops Bolton has relied on for decades. Besides, all their home installations come with a 10-year warranty.

Granite is Highly Resistant to Bacterial Growth

Sealed and regularly cleaned granite will not harbour bacteria or fungal growth (mould/mildew), even in conducive environments. On top of that, granite surfaces can be cleaned in a few minutes with just soap water, since dirt and grime will not stick to igneous rock so easily.

Granite Worktops are Easily Repairable

Ideally, it shouldn’t need any repairs to begin with, but just in case your granite worktop did crack under severe pressure from something, it is possible to get it repaired. While the refilling of cracks and scratches will be done with epoxy/acrylic, no cosmetic difference should be noticeable after the work is done. Such repairs can even be done at home on your own, but sealing is advised after the repairs.

Those that have previously worked with granite already know how difficult it can be to cut and shape the super heavy, natural stone, but even they will admit to the material’s superiority over everything else. However, granite is quite costly because of the same reasons, which is why budget is usually the only constraint. If your budget can accommodate a granite worktop, though, then there’s no reason to think twice about any other options.

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