4 Ways to Substantially Increase the Appeal of Your Home

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Maintaining the value of a property is one of the best long-term investments you can make. As a homeowner, your home is probably the most considerable expense you have, next to feeding your family. It is, therefore, necessary to treat any property as an investment and keep it in top condition.

Although you might feel like you are settled right now, things can change. Because of this, you can stay ahead of the curve by increasing the value of your home. This can help with sales later on and help you make the most of your house while you and your family live there. Some of the best ways of increasing the value of a home include:

  • Windows and Doors Renewal

  • Extending the Structure

  • Outdoor Beauty

  • All the Small Things

Windows and doors aren’t made to last forever, but replacements will bring a home back to life. Extensions can add the most value to a home, but they can be expensive. Neglecting the lawn and garden will severely lower the curb appeal of a home. Odd jobs around the house will be noticed by a buyer and should be addressed as they happen.

Windows and Doors Renewal

It doesn’t matter if you are selling your home or not. The windows and doors are some of the most important aspects of a property. Adequate and stylish windows and doors not only look good but serve to provide extra efficiency, security, and soundproofing. Older homes especially will benefit from window and door renewal ( as the quality degrades over time. Issues that can arise include cracking, mold, and efficiency issues. 

Window cracks can start off small and become more significant over time. This makes them dangerous as they can lose integrity at any time and break. Mold can begin to form inside broken seals. Mold causes major respiratory issues if left untreated. In addition, heat is lost through older, less well-made windows and doors. Wooden models, for example, lose more heat than newer models made from fiberglass and uPVC. In addition to savings, newer windows and doors can add up to 10% to the value of your home. 

Extending the Structure

Extensions are an excellent way to add lots of value to your home. While an extension is initially expensive, the value it adds is well worth the cost. For example, a standard extension of one double bedroom with an en suite bathroom can add up to 25% to the value of your home. Additionally, until you sell, the extra space is welcome for a growing family or one that entertains guests regularly.

Of course, not all extensions are bedrooms. Standard attachments include additional garage space, a larger kitchen, and the conservatory. A study by UCLA found that 75% of people in Los Angeles don’t use their garage for their cars. Instead, as another study found, most Americans use their garage for hobbies. This is appealing to a potential buyer as 80% of buyers include the quality of a garage in their decision to make an offer on a home.

Outdoor Beauty

Another feature of your home that most buyers are likely to decide on is the state of the outdoor area. This is because until they enter the house for a viewing, this is all they will get to see. This, therefore, makes it necessary to spruce up the outside space of your property as best you can. This doesn’t necessarily mean adding water features and expensive decking, but generally, trimming, cutting, and simple gardening can make a massive difference in the appearance of a home. 

One of the first things you should take care of is weeds and overgrown foliage. This will make your home appear unkempt and is likely to put off a buyer. This doesn’t need to be expensive, and many DIY stores sell a range of cheap lawn equipment such as lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. All you really need is a little time and patience. If you can, installing dedicated space for growing can add some value. 

More people are aware of sustainability and environmental issues these days. As such, growing herbs and vegetables at home is trendy at the moment. Growing vegetables is also popular among the older generations. Providing some outdoor space for such activities is likely to appeal to several demographics. Gardening and growing is also an activity with which the entire family can get involved. This will significantly increase the appeal of your home to young families looking to start their adventure together.

All the Small Things

As a homeowner, you are probably aware of the issue of getting the little things done. Blown-out light bulbs, a crack in the window, creaking doors, and leaking pipes are common issues in any home - old and new. However, most people don’t realize that putting off smaller jobs like this can lead to more significant problems. 

For example: 

  • Blown-out light bulbs can indicate an electrical issue. 

  • A window crack is ready to break at any moment. 

  • A creaking door could mean loose and dangerous hinges. 

  • Leaking pipes are a symptom of plumbing issues.

Fortunately, maintaining such things is very easy. If you keep on top of these, they are unlikely to lead to expensive repairs or dangerous incidents. A buyer is likely to inspect such things at viewing and is also more likely to make an offer on your property if they feel they won’t have to do much work so making your home as appealing as possible is critical. Additionally, some minor decorating, such as a fresh coat of paint or new carpets, will help increase the appeal.

To Summarize

Taking care of your home’s exterior is likely to add financial and appeal value to your home as buyers initially decide based on what they see before a viewing. Along with an extension, renewed doors and windows will potentially add 35% to your home’s value. In addition, the appeal can be significantly increased by sprucing both the outdoor space such as the garden and taking care of the small jobs inside the house such as paint, odd jobs, and flooring.

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