4 Ways To Support Your Child's Sporting Dreams

This infographic was created by Axio Athletic, a provider of custom baseball uniforms

Many children dream of a future playing sports - perhaps your child wants to become a professional soccer player for their favorite team or play for the NFL. It is important to support your child’s dreams, while at the same time managing expectations and helping them to plan for a successful future. 

With this in mind, here are four ways to support your child’s sporting dreams: 

1. Let them choose their training 

While it’s important to support your child by helping them find the sports training they need, you must avoid pushing them into an overly strenuous training schedule. Provide encouragement and advice, but try not to be over-controlling. Remember that it’s important for your child to be accountable when it comes to their training. How they manage their training schedule will help demonstrate if they have the drive and commitment to pursue a successful career in sports. You can help motivate your child in sports by allowing them to pick a sport they enjoy, taking them to professional sporting events and games, and planning fun family events that involve playing sports such as a softball tournament in the park. 

2. Watch them play 

Understandably, there are likely to be occasions where you are unable to attend your child’s training or games due to work or family commitments. However, you should try and attend as many sporting events as possible, especially important games. Being there demonstrates your support and will help motivate your child to play their best. 

After a game, provide your child with encouragement and avoid making negative remarks about their performance. Remember that it’s the coach's job to help them improve for the next game, so offer encouraging phrases and try not to make any critical remarks. 

3. Research athletic scholarships 

If your child has athletic talents and an interest in sports, then make sure you research what athletic scholarships are available to support them. Scholarships are grants that provide students with financial support while they study at college. There are many different academic scholarships available including soccer scholarships and baseball scholarships. Keep in mind that athletic scholarships are awarded based on sporting talents and academic performance. For that reason, you must encourage your child to maintain high grades in school and avoid focusing all their efforts on training and sports. 

4. Develop healthy habits 

If your child dreams of pursuing a career in sports, then it’s vital that they’re fit and healthy. Make sure you educate your child on the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and encourage your family to adopt healthy habits early on. 

Cook nutritious meals at home and avoid eating processed foods that are high in saturated fats and sugar. Try to limit the amount of junk food in the house and instead opt for healthy snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, and rice crackers. You should also stay active by exercising as a family. Regular exercise will help improve your family's overall health and wellbeing and will also give you the chance to spend quality time together. 

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