5 Amazing Tips for Proper Etiquette on Christmas Photo Cards

This year’s Christmas will likely be an unforgettable holiday season, mainly due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. Our new ‘normal’ includes social distancing, wearing masks, and staying indoors unless you need to get out. We are still not sure whether we will get the chance to visit our loved ones, but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch. Even though we live in a digitized era, most of us still appreciate the gesture of receiving holiday photo cards. It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas cards. For customizable and affordable cards, look up Mixbook, a photo card company that specializes in Mixbook Christmas photocards and other occasion cards and photo books. In fact you can use online custom stationery shops for all kinds of stationery needs, such as personalized notepads.

1.  Mail your Christmas photo cards on time

Typically, your photo cards should arrive mid to early December. To make this happen, you would have to mail your cards on time. The best time to start mailing them out would be just after Thanksgiving.
We all know how busy the Christmas season is, so you don’t want your cards arriving in January during New Year’s.

2. Send Appropriate Christmas Photo Cards

Having a list of recipients is essential to avoid sending cards to a family or friend that does not celebrate Christmas. While you might be sending the Christmas card with good intentions, posting an inappropriate photo card could come out as insensitive and a sign that you don’t know your recipient very well.
It would help if you determined which recipients require a more personalized Christmas photo card. This is especially vital when sending holiday cards to colleagues. It’s advisable to keep the cards professional and only give it to them at the office.

It is inappropriate to mail Christmas photo cards to co-workers’ addresses unless you know them well.

3. Customize your cards by adding a personal message

Printing companies allow you to send customized photo cards that have your name and other graphics on it. It’s also good to send a handwritten message to each of your recipients. It could be anything from a life update to a thank you note. This personal message makes your recipients feel special.

4. Include your return address
This is a no brainer for all mail correspondence. Including your return address not only informs your recipient who the card is from but also gives them your current address. This is useful for when they want to send you mail, and they may have details from an old address.

5. Read the signs
You may have sent Christmas photo cards three times in a row to a family friend and have never received a response. It’s completely okay to take them off your recipient list. Their lack of response could be that they may not be interested in the cards.

Also, it could be that they moved, and you have been sending Christmas cards to an old address, hence the lack of response. Either way, it’s crucial to take hints and know when to stop.

Customized Christmas cards are great when sent to the right people and at the right time. If this is the first time you will be sending photo cards, then you should try out Mixbook, which has cards, calendars, and photo books that cater to every season.

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