5 Common Home Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Your home should be the one place on earth where you can relax, unwind, and be comfortable. However, no matter how much you look after your abode, emergencies can strike when you least expect it, so it’s important that you know what to do and to act quickly to avoid further damage. Here are five common home emergencies and how to deal with them.

Grease Fire

There are many hazards that are found in the kitchen. If you find yourself in an emergency, such as a grease fire, it’s important to not use water. This is because the water splashes the grease about, which can make things much worse. Always make sure you have a metal lid to hand that you can use to cover the fire until it dies out. 

Burst and Broken Pipes

Your property will have a main water valve which is usually found in the basement or close to the front of your house, which is there to control the flow of water. If you notice a burst or broken pipe, the last thing you want is for water to leak into your property, which can end up causing irreparable damage. Make sure to inspect your pipes to check if there are any problems, and if you aren’t covered by insurance, you may want to consider taking out a short-term loan to foot the bill. Companies like LoanPig can provide you with a short term or payday loan which can be a massive help should a home emergency strike. You can click here for more information on whether a loan is right for you.

Overflowing Toilet

Toilets tend to overflow when they’re unable to drain properly or they can’t stop running. If you notice a problem with your toilet, you need to stop the flow immediately by switching off the valve which can usually be found at the back of the toilet near to the wall. This shuts down the water and prevents any further damage from happening.

Broken Windows

Windows are made from glass, so if you have noticed a crack in your window, it’s important to stay safe when tackling the problem. To prevent any injury to yourself, make sure to put on a pair of thick gloves so you’re able to inspect the damage. If there are any glass shards lying about, you will need to remove them carefully. What’s more, the last thing you want is for a draught to come into your home, so calling up a professional to sort the issue out is crucial. 

Power Outage

When a power outage strikes, trying to manoeuvre around your home can be difficult. Finding a light source is important, so using your smartphone can be a huge help to get around without causing any injury to yourself.  If you live with others, make sure that everyone is ok, and have a look to see whether your Street lighting and nearby homes are affected. If it is only your house in the dark, it may just be a tripped switch, so always keep a torch near to the fuse board so you can inspect it.

Whether it be a fire in the kitchen, burst or broken pipes, an overflowing toilet, or a power outage, home emergencies can happen at any given time, so being prepared for the unknown is crucial. If you haven’t got cover or you don’t have the cash at hand, you may want to consider taking out a short-term loan to rectify the problem if it causes more damage than you anticipated.

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