5 Cooking Tips for Moms

Cooking as a mom takes up a lot of time and energy and let’s face it, kids are fussy. Coming up with things that we know they will eat while also trying to find the time to cook good food takes up more headspace than it should. Cooking should not be a big task, so here are five cooking tips you can use that will make the experience a bit easier and much more enjoyable.

Buy a Good Cooker

Having a good cooker is vital for making your cooking experiences more pleasurable and stress-free. When you have a family, you begin to realize how important space is when cooking. If you don’t have enough oven space, you can’t cook what you want or it will take more time than you would like. Buying a cooker will be a large expense so you can check out your options for taking out a personal loan with a private lender. It will be money well spent, and relieve you from suffering in the kitchen because of low heat efficiency.

Research Meal Plans

Researching your meal plans will take an enormous amount of pressure off yourself. Sitting down on the weekend and planning out all the meals for the week will save you both time and stress. If you work, you don’t want to have to come home and come up with a meal on the spot, you’re more likely to just throw something together which either isn’t healthy or is unappetizing. If you put in the planning, your family’s diet will also be far healthier.

Use Leftovers

Waste is a big problem for families. You’re never quite sure if you have enough food so the solution tends towards cooking too much rather than having too little. Instead of throwing any leftover food away, use it to make a meal or snack the following day. This may conjure up images of unappealing meals, but there are plenty of ways to cook leftovers and dress them up as an amazing meal. Doing this is good for the environment as well, as food wastage is an enormous problem.

Sneak in Vegetables

Most kids don’t like vegetables. You’ve probably tried to hide it on the plate somehow and then watched as their facial expression turns to disgust when they catch a glimpse of a piece of broccoli or carrot. A better way is to use recipes that have a mixture of vegetables and meat products. Homemade meatballs are a great way to sneak vegetables in with the beef or lamb and your children will be none the wiser.

Get Everyone Involved

Getting everyone involved will make cooking meals a more enjoyable experience and it has the added benefit of your kids wanting to try what they have made. They’ve put all that effort in, so they’re not going to be turning their noses up at it when it arrives on the table. Not only does it incentivize them to eat, it makes cooking and eating a family bonding experience. You don’t have to do it every single night, but at least once a week will give your children something to look forward to, as well as teaching them valuable life skills.

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