5 Easy Ways to Raise Property Values Anywhere

In May of this year, the median price for homes in the United States was $350,300. However, there are always outliers and some homes are priced much higher.

If you want your home to be worth more, there are some things you can do to increase property values. Read on to learn five of them.

1. Add Energy-Efficient Home Feature

To raise property values, you should add features that home buyers will enjoy. Eco-friendly features are becoming highly sought out because of their impact on the environment and potential savings.

There are in-home appliances that you can upgrade to be more efficient such as microwaves, furnaces, washers, and dryers. You can also opt for a smart thermostat that saves you money on utilities.

For outside of the home, you can add solar panels to save on energy. Find out more about how this feature can increase the value of your home at

2. Spruce up Your Yard

What determines property value? It isn't only what you have on the inside, the outside matters just as much.

If you plan on selling your home, buyers won't take a second look if your landscaping isn't great. Boost your curb appeal with a new driveway or flowers to increase the value of your home for potential buyers and appraisers.

3. Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathroom

If you use a property value calculator, you won't rank high without a great bathroom and kitchen. These are rooms in the home that make the biggest impression on people.

If you have extra money to spend, upgrading the kitchen and bathroom is never a bad idea. The appliances in these rooms become outdated faster than others. Upgrade them and throw in some new decor to make these rooms feel brand new.

4. Increase the Finished Square Footage

Knowing how to increase property value involves understanding the equations. Generally, homes are priced by multiplying square footage by a comparable rate of a home in the same neighborhood.

If there are any unfinished rooms or areas of the home, building up this space will quickly add value. For example, if you have a basement, you can turn it into another bedroom. This will offer a boost to your home's value.

5. Add Fresh Paint

Another lesson on how to raise property value involves adding a fresh coat of paint. If the outside or inside of the home seems a little worn, a paint job is a low-cost way to fix the problem and increase value.

If you notice any rough spots or areas that seem dull, a bright coat of paint will do wonders.

Raising Property Values the Easy Way

Raising property values is beneficial whether you are selling your home or not. As the value of your home increases, the comfort does too.

With these simple changes, you can take your home from old to new. Start with these steps and see your house change before your eyes.

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