5 Exotic Spices to Add Zesty Flavor to Your Home Cooking

Spices: there are thousands to choose from all over the world.

Why wouldn't you want to add some flare to you home cooking recipes with rare spices?

But it also can be challenging to decide which spice to add to a recipe and how much you need.
We've got your back, however. Here are five exotic spices to add zesty flavor to your home cooking you won't want to miss. (And recipe ideas too!)

1. Mace

No, I'm not talking about the medieval weapon. This exotic spice comes from the waxy exterior of the nutmeg seed. It adds a delightful peppery flare to that classic nutmeg taste.

This highly adaptable spice tastes great in both sweet and savory dishes. Try adding it to stews, homemade pickles, and savory sauces. You can find mace in two main forms:

1. Ground
2. Blade

Blade mace is ideal if you're looking for strong flavor! Check out the Garland Bazaar for this form and over a hundred other unique spices (like blue spices!).

2. Sumac

The vibrant red color of sumac comes from the Middle Eastern sumac bush berries. This thick powder offers a tangy surprise. Sumac pairs well with:

• Vegetables
• Chicken
•  Fish

Simply sprinkle it over the dish in its powder form and voilá; there's an explosion of zesty flavor. Feeling up to a challenge? Try using sumac to make a homemade dressing!

3. Wattleseed

This Australian spice has been a longtime favorite of the native Aborigines people. It comes from the seeds of acacias, a large shrub. Wattleseed adds coffee and hazelnut flavors. Try adding it to sweet dishes like:

• Bread
• Ice cream
• Chocolate

Try adding Wattleseed to different types of sauces to spruce up bland dishes and add a boost of sugary flavors.

4. Cassia Bark

Cassia bark is one of the unexpected, weird spices. Often times called cinnamon bark, this exotic spice creates the classic cinnamon flavor. It is thicker, courser, and darker than true cinnamon and offers a stronger flavor than its counterpart.

You may need to use a spice or coffee grinder to break it down into powder. Cassia can be used in many diverse dishes such as:

• Spicy meat dishes
• Fruit salads
• Pudding

5. Fennel Pollen

Hand collected from wild fennel in Italy and California, fennel pollen offers a blast of sweet, citrus, and licorice flavors. It is a very versatile spice and can be added to foods like:

• Soups
• Pork
• Seafood

Remember a little goes a long way. Be careful not to add too much or you may overpower your dish.

Exotic Spices

It can be boring to stick to the same dishes time and time again. Add these exotic spices to challenge the status quo and bring zest back into your cooking recipes.

What are you waiting for chef? The kitchen awaits!

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