5 Great Uses for Your Spare Room (That's Not Storage or a Guest Room)

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Moving into a new home is always a great adventure because you've got the greatest of blank canvases to build your dream space. Those that are upgrading from a smaller property to a large one may find themselves with an abundance of spare rooms or just one spare room. But rather than just using it for storage, it's time to make the most of it. Rather than letting it sit empty most of the time, repurpose the space. Here are a few ideas. 

A Dining Room

If you upgraded from a small property with a pokey kitchen and you ate in the living room, a dining room might be just what you need! A dining room is the perfect place for your family to sit and eat, but also it's an ideal place to create something that suits your unique tastes. If you like a rustic and earthy look, the centerpiece can be an epoxy river table that will always draw attention. You could go the other way and opt for a more classic look with Italian furniture or a solid oak dining table. 

A Kids Playroom

The spare room can be a great way to keep all of the kids' toys in one place, rather than them cluttering their bedrooms. If you are considering this option, it's important to have lots of storage, in addition, think about having a large rug at the center of the room, especially if it's hard flooring, as this will make it more comfortable for your kids to sit on. It's important that the storage goes around the perimeter of the space so they have a larger area to play with in the middle. 

A Creative Space

If you've been tinkering with the guitar or you have been yearning for a space to set up a canvas so you can paint, a creative space that's inspiring can be a fantastic way for you to get more out of your home. Make sure you decorate it in colors that suit your temperament and always inspires you. This is the perfect place to have an abundance of bookshelves with all of your literature, paintings, and vinyl displayed proudly. 

A Dressing Room

For those without kids, the spare room could be the perfect place to have an open wardrobe, with all of your shoes and accessories organized, and a large and small mirror on display so you can get the perfect perception of your style at every angle. 

An Activity Room

If you are lucky enough to have a larger spare room, a games room for you and the family is an amazing option. You might be the type of family that is all about board games, in which case, you can store them in alphabetical order, or if your table tennis table has been in storage for a long time, this is not just great to play the sport itself, but your family can gather round and play Monopoly late into the night! 

There's more to a spare room than just a place for storage or a guest room. Let your imagination go wild and create a space that you will keep coming back to!

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