5 Key Pieces for Setting a Fabulous Table on a Budget

Holiday season is here and the joy of sharing meals with family and friends makes the season bright! Hosting guests is the most heartfelt way to say “thanks” to those you love and this is the day when you want to give it your best. With so much to do, the stress can get you down. Don’t panic! We have some handy tips with our favorite 5 key pieces for setting a fabulous table on a budget.

Pictured: Paloma Bottle Coaster ($50) by Mary Jurek Design

Shiny, Beautiful Bottle Coasters

Instead of setting up a full bar which can be pretty expensive, we recommend you treat your guests with the best red or white wine you can afford. Wine is a great complement to appetizers and a lighter offering than mixed drinks. A big platter of sweet and savory bits coupled with a nice classic Pinot Noir or a cold, crisp Pinot Grigio is a fantastic way to greet the guests as soon as they arrive. Nestling your wine bottles in a lovely Paloma Wine Coaster ( adorns your bottles and gives the libation the respect it deserves!

Pictured: Rotunda Shallow Serving Bowl ($250) by Mary Jurek Design

One Extra Large Salad Bowl

Go as large as possible and you will never regret it. This huge eye-catching shimmering bowl makes the event happier and abundant. The generous portion immediately draws your guests to the table ready for the delicious meal. Filled with vibrant leafy greens, creamy pasta dishes or a bounty of vegetables it will get those taste buds roaring. An oversized salad bowl, be it ceramic, porcelain or stainless will never be without good use on other days. It makes the perfect dining table centerpiece or a counter top fruit bowl in your kitchen filled with nature’s fresh goodness.

Pictured: 4 pc Robin Napkin Rings ($34.99) by Mary Jurek Design

Interesting Napkin Rings

“The devil is in the details”, and here is where you can really set the standard on your own personal style. Search for the most unusual or interesting napkin rings you can find. Your favorite gift store, online or even thrift shops have many amazing styles on hand. Vintage, modern or classic- there are zillions of styles. To add extra drama to your table setting, mix the styles up and give each guest a special unique one for themselves. Now you have really made a fabulous table!

Pictured: Paloma Footed Oval Bowl ($90); Valencia Gravy Ladle ($26); Sierra Oval Tray ($55) by Mary Jurek Design

Gravy Bowl and Underplate

Such a simple, elegant shape to hold the steaming hot gravy has never found a grander day than during a big holiday banquet. This key item splendidly floats from guest to guest filling pockets of creamy potatoes and cuts of meat with its succulent sauce. A handy underplate dish is always a good idea to catch random drips so not to spoil the table linens. Gravy bowls seem to grab a lot of attention once the gravy runs low and guests start clamoring for more.

Gravy bowls are design classics and rarely come out of the cupboard. We find that a pity. Its sinuous form is so lovely to look at, we would be happy to have it serving many everyday purposes just to enjoy its profile. It is a perfect container for any sweet dessert sauce, chutney or ice cream syrup. It should be a frequent part of your everyday table setting just because it is so gorgeous to behold!

Pictured: Paloma Bottle Coaster ($50); Sedona Burnished Copper Vase ($27-48) by Mary Jurek Design

Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Don’t forget the flowers! Mother Nature is never far away in helping you create a budget wise floral arrangement for your party. Local grocery stores sell affordable bunches of fresh flowers and you can easily add to the bouquet with extra greenery from your own garden. We love cutting small branches from evergreen bushes, long grasses or large leaves from fruit trees to fill out the arrangement. Depending on the placement of your flowers, choose a suitable height. For buffet settings, you can go high and full. For a table centerpiece, best rule of thumb is to keep the flowers low. You do not want to obstruct conversations across your table.

So there you have it! We introduced you to some of our favorite designs that you will love using everyday for all occasions. They are practical, durable, easy to clean and elegant enough for your grandest holiday parties-5 key pieces for setting a fabulous table on a budget!

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