5 Sous Vide Tips You Probably Don't Know

There has always been an increasing pursuit when it comes to sous vide. It is a cooking method that enables you to prepare food on a water bath with the utilization of pressure.

In technical definition, sous vide is a cooking technique that requires you to seal any food in a vacuum bag. After this, you should place the container on a warm or moderately hot water for a certain period. This is a slow cooking method, by the way, since you are just relying on the hot water alone.

Of course, there are various advantages of applying this method. For example, you can make your favorite short ribs to have a leveled or equal texture that you want. Of course, it improves the overall taste of the food as well, as sous vide can enhance the natural flavor of meat items. 


If you want to improve your approach on sous vide, you might want to consider doing these following tips. 

Sous Vide Tips and Tricks

1. Covering the Water Bath

Some people always tend to forget that it is essential to cover the water bath with an appropriate lid. It is obvious that water will evaporate when get heated. Therefore, you should not allow the steam or moisture to escape. Some people are integrating immersion circulators on their baths. If the water level drops down, the coils and motor of the device would be seriously in peril. You don't want this to happen, right? So before grabbing it, you need to know what's the best immersion circulator?

2. Select the Seasonings and Herbs Properly

One of the important success factors for doing sous vide is the proper selection of seasonings and other food additives. If you want to get the right flavor that you want your meat to have, be careful of what you include in the vacuum seal. Some herbs are known to have overpowering effects. In fact, they can induce rancid flavor if they are left in the container for too long. Black pepper, garlic, and cumin are among the spices that have strong effects on the taste of the meat. Meanwhile, thyme, onion, and garlic can alter the original flavor of the food. 

3. Make a Seamless Seal

This one is a basic trick. But you should never forget to apply this technique every time you do a sous vide recipe. Air gaps are a big no when it comes to sous vide. They can prevent the food item from being cooked evenly. Therefore, you should keep any external detriments away from the bag. Other people recommend that you should utilize zip lock bags. If you want to try this approach, make sure that you have the means to suck out the air outside the container.

4. Proper Placement of the Bath

When doing any sous vide recipe, make sure that your water container is placed on a trivet or an insulated pad. In this way, you can ensure that the bath will be protected even if you are going leave it on the kitchen counter. Most of the modern kitchen counters can accommodate extended heating procedures. However, counters made from granites, wood, and marble might not be able to deal with the heat or water spills properly.

5. Submerge the Vacuum Bag

A successful sous vide recipe will require you to immerse the vacuum bag in the water fully. It should drop down into the depths of the water to ensure that you can heat all of its parts evenly and adequately. Sometimes, the bag can rise up and float to the surface. When this happens, it means that the bag has an air gap that you failed to seal. That is why it is very crucial to have the bag be properly closed to ensure that it will stay down throughout the cooking process.


Sous vide is an excellent cooking method. Although it is pretty rare that you can see someone doing this technique, it doesn't mean that the latter is inefficient in making fine delicacies. In fact, it is the opposite. Any meat and fish items that have been prepared via sous vide yields extremely flavorful taste. They also release aromatic scents that can steal the attention of your appetite. 

By doing all these tricks that I listed here, I am pretty sure that you can improve the quality of your sous vide recipe. So what are you waiting for? Try them now!

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