6 Healthy Eating Tips for Kids You Rarely Find On Google

A study finds that 45% of deaths dueto stroke, diabetes, and heart disease originate from dietary habits.

Your children might already be at risk if they love sweets,chips, fried potatoes, tacos, soda, and juice drinks. To keep your childhealthy, you have to develop healthy nutrition habits in them. And if you wantthem to count calories unassisted, math tutors from Brighterly will help children with numbers.

Keep reading to get six tips on a healthy diet forchildren and discover overlooked reasons for common pediatric conditions.

Top6 Healthy Eating Tipsfor Parents

You may have been tired from these healthy diet tips –less sugar, more veggies. It’s no secret children should avoid soda, energydrinks, junk food, and sweets. You know this. But this time, you will get sixinsights into a healthy diet for children you might not know about:

#1 Keep Your Child’s Thyroid Glands Intact

Countless amounts of saturated fat, sugar, and lack ofvitamins in processed foods mess up the human body and its endocrine system.Many of us imagine testosterone, estrogen, and insulin when it comes tohormones. But we often overlook thyroid hormones and the thyroid gland thatcontrols metabolism and growth.

Meanwhile, thyroid problems prevail in children of school age.Kids (and girls specifically) are at higher risk of developing hyperthyroidism(excess of hormones) and hypothyroidism (lack of hormones).

Make sure your child’s diet is rich in these minerals tokeep their thyroid gland healthy:

       Selenium – tuna andseafood, brown rice, poultry, and Brazil nuts.

       Iron – pork, redmeat, poultry, spinach, seafood, dried fruit, beans.

       Zinc – oysters,dairy products, red meat, poultry, beans, nuts, crabs, and lobsters.

       Iodine – seaweed,seafood – shrimps, oysters, dairy products, beef liver, eggs.

Foods to avoid in excess:

       Cruciferousvegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and Brussel sprouts. These vegetablescontain chemicals that damage the thyroid gland.

       Soy – its flavonoidscan cause hypothyroidism.

       Onions – theirchemicals reduce thyroid function.

Also, check the thyroid function of your child at leastonce a year and consult your pediatrician.

#2 More Water is Good Even If Your Kid Doesn’tFeel Thirsty