6 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Healthy Eating Easy in 2020

One of the biggest challenges that families face in the struggle to eat better is meal prep. It takes time and planning to do it right. That’s where modern technology comes in. 

Kitchen gadgets can make meal planning a quick and easy process. We can save time without cutting corners when it comes to our daily menus. Do you have the kitchen gadgets you need to eat healthy all year long?

• Faster Meals Made with a Food Processor

Food processors are great multi-purpose tools in the kitchen. You can use them to slice, chop, puree, and grate almost any ingredient. Anything from fruit and vegetables to cheeses, meats, and more can go in and come out uniformly cut. 

Instead of spending minutes cutting up ingredients, throw them in your food processor. For maximum time-saving benefits, consider prepping ingredients days in advance. You can chop everything for the next few days’ worth of meals, so they are ready to go when it’s time to eat.

• Air Fryers Make Tasty Tidbits with Less Fat

Air fryers provide a healthier alternative to deep fat frying. The appliance works by generating heat that is quickly circulated around the interior chamber where the food is cooking. If you want to buy the best brand air fryer then you should check out these tower air fryer reviews. These air fryers can produce a delicious crisp crust on the outside and bring food to an edible temperature on the inside. It can produce a delicious crisp crust on the outside and bring food to an edible temperature on the inside.

While some models suggest spraying food in a thin coating of oil, this is usually not required. You can make foods that taste like they were deep fried without the fat.

• Tender Vegetables in a Steamer Basket

A steamer basket is a tool that you can place inside a pot to prepare vegetables. The bottom has legs while the sides are ventilated to allow for even steaming. Place any vegetable you like inside, follow the recommended cook times, and it will come out tender and juicy.

You can steam other items, including meat, poultry, and fish. Just remember to make sure that the thickest part is cooked through before serving.

• Immersion Blenders are Convenient for Healthy Cooking
If you have limited storage space in your kitchen, then you need an immersion blender. This handheld gadget can do many of the same things that a blender or food processor can do. It’s lighter and more compact, usually capable of fitting inside a kitchen drawer.

Immersion blenders can be used right in a bowl or pot, so you don’t have to transfer ingredients from one container to another. It’s a great way to make fresh guacamole, soup, and more.

• Portion-Friendly Food Storage Containers
Portion-friendly food storage is helpful for meal prep and serving sizes. Portions are necessary for healthy eating. Having a variety of sizes on hand will ensure that you can divide meals or ingredients as needed. This also discourages overeating and makes meal planning easier.

• A Juicer Makes Fresh-Squeezed So Easy

Juicing gives you another way to enjoy fruits and vegetables. Squeezing ingredients by hand is difficult and messy. If you own a juicer, you can quickly extract juices to add to recipes or to enjoy as a beverage.
The liquid in fruit contains the most minerals and vitamins. You should still also eat whole fruits and vegetables for fibre, but you can add variety with juice.

Before adding any new cooking gadgets, make sure your kitchen is prepared with enough outlets to power them. Large appliances like ovens or dishwashers may require upgrading your system. Contact an electrician like Connect Electric to evaluate your current setup and determine if new outlets and wiring are needed. Once everything is installed you get to enjoy time saving benefits year round.

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