7 Things Every Chef Should Have in Their Kitchen

We all like to think of ourselves as kitchen connoisseurs – we can cook any recipe that comes across our Pinterest board. But how do you take your cooking to the next level? If you want to cook like a pro, what are the bare essentials that you’ll need?

To transition from cooking mama to expert chef, you will need these seven items that every chef should have in their kitchen. 

1. Three (Good) Knives 

The professionals say that you can probably just forget the knife set in the fancy wooden block because you only really need the three good knives in order to cook pretty much anything. 

Get yourself a quality chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, and a paring knife for all of your cutting needs in the kitchen. This will save you money as well as time because you don’t have to use the other random knives in the expensive set. 

2. A Quality Knife Sharpener 

You are going to need to keep those three knives sharp in order for them to work effectively, so make sure that you have a quality knife sharpener in your kitchen as well. 

Continuously cutting with a dull blade will damage the knife and can even be dangerous, so save money on knives and keep your fingers intact by keeping your blades sharp.

3. Perfect Pans

Every chef should have the perfect cast-iron pan in their work station. This pan will allow you to sear delicious steak, chicken, and caramelize anything that you want. HomeDesignX made a list of some of the best pans (and pots!) that you should seriously consider getting for your kitchen.

The other necessary pan is the non-stick pan, which will allow you to cook seamlessly with quick and easy cleanup, because everyone knows cleaning up afterwards is the worst part of cooking.  

4. Food Warmers

Whether you constantly have large groups of people over to enjoy your food or you own your own restaurant, you may want to look into commercial food warmers.

There are a variety of styles and options, so search for the one that is best for you. From countertop warmers to heated shelves and countertop soup kettles, these food warmers will allow you to keep your food hot and ready until your guests are ready to eat. 

5. A High-Quality Digital Thermometer

While we are on the subject of hot food, you will definitely need a reliable thermometer to let you know when your food is ready. 

Digital thermometers are easier to use, and they will give you faster readings, letting you know that your meat is done as soon as it is done—and with hungry kids, you are going to need to know when dinner is ready. 

6. Pressure Cooker

OK, so maybe Instapot pressure cookers are not state of the art chef appliances, but they are definitely one of the best things to happen to moms in the kitchen. 

With one of these pots, you can throw meats and practically anything else in and have a meal ready in half the time that it would take on the stove, and with less work for the chef as well!

7. A Blender

Soups, smoothies, and many deserts are going to require a great blender. Whether you opt for the classic handheld or the easy and quick stationary blender, you will need to have at least one in your kitchen. 


Whether you are new to the cooking life and are looking for tips on what to get for your basic kitchen necessities or a veteran chef who has a habit of collecting more than they need in their kitchen, these seven items are the tried and true bare essentials for your kitchen. 

Happy cooking! 

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