7 Tips to Turn Your Coffee to Super Healthy

Among the many beverages in the world. Coffee is the most popular and healthy. For coffee lovers, coffee is their largest source of antioxidants in their everyday diet. To enjoy the benefits that coffee has to offer, you can choose to have super coffee that gives you sustained energy with no sugar crash. Coffee is not always best when loaded with a lot of sugar, as their other ways that you can opt to flavor it. In this article are tips to make your coffee super healthy as part of your everyday diet.


Do not load your coffee with sugar 

Coffee in itself is healthy, but you can turn it into something harmful easily. Many people do this by adding a bunch of sugar to it. Yet, added sugar is the worst ingredient that is in use in the modern-day diet. Due to its high levels of fructose, it is linked to diseases such as diabetes and obesity. It is better to use a natural sweetener if you have to sweeten your coffee. In this way, you maintain having a healthy cup of coffee. 

2.   Avoid low fat and artificial creamers 

Commercial artificial and low-fat creamers contain questionable ingredients and are highly processed. Therefore, it is best to avoid them as using them in your coffee makes it an unhealthy beverage. Consider adding full fat cream to your coffee that is from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed cow’s milk is beneficial as it has vitamin K that helps improve bone health. So, if you love your coffee with added creamer, choose whole cream or milk. 


3.   Avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. 

Coffee is the richest source of natural caffeine in the diet. The main reason it is popular is that it is a stimulant. It gives you instant energy and helps you stay alert even when tired. However, if you want your coffee to remain super healthy for you. Avoid taking it late in the day as it will interfere with the quality of sleep that you get. Plus, poor sleep is linked to many health problems. Although not everyone is sensitive to caffeine as others will sleep fine. In case you want to improve your sleep quality abstain from coffee from 2 to 3 p.m. 


4.  Add some cinnamon to your coffee

Cinnamon mixes well with the flavor of your coffee and it is a tasty spice. Cinnamon is amazing in lowering cholesterol, blood glucose, and triglycerides in diabetics. Add a dash of cinnamon for a new flavor and to get its benefits too. Where possible, choose the Ceylon cinnamon to the regular one as it has healthier properties. 

     Choose a quality brand

The quality of coffee that you go for varies depending on the processing method and how the coffee beans were grown. Today, coffee beans are sprayed with pesticides and many chemicals that are not intended for human consumption. Thus, it is best to look for organic coffee if you are worried about pesticide content in your drink. Consider this tip and visit drinksupercoffee for healthier coffee beverage.


6.     Brew your coffee using a paper filter

Did you know that brewed coffee has cafestol, a diterpene that raises cholesterol levels in your blood? But, it is easy to reduce the levels by using a paper filter. Using a paper filter to brew your coffee, effectively lowers the amount of cafestol it has and allows the caffeine and its antioxidants to pass through. Shift to this method of brewing your coffee as it is healthier. 

7.      Add cocoa to your coffee

Adding some cocoa to your coffee not only gives it added flavor, but cocoa is loaded with antioxidants and provides other sorts of health benefits. For instance, a chocolate version, Caffe mocha is served in many coffee houses. But it is normally sugar-sweetened. Thus, it is better to make yours at home to avoid the added sugar.

In conclusion, the tips above are helpful if you aim to make your coffee healthier. Try out some of them. Remember to avoid consuming coffee late in the evening to avoid it affecting your sleep. Also, take moderate coffee to gain its benefits, taking too much may have adverse effects. 

Photo by Klaus Nielsen from Pexels

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