7 Ways to Add Vintage Charm to Your Home

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Although modern and minimalist decors have been dominating the interior design space for some time now, more and more homeowners prefer the charm of a Victorian home over a contemporary look. However, finding a well-maintained older home is a time-consuming task. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to add vintage charm to any home – check them out below!

  1. It's the Details That Count 

Small details make a big difference when you are decorating your home. Display your beautiful jewelry as art on a vintage side table or credenza. A piece like your heirloom pearl bracelet or your Art Deco necklace can double as art pieces that add visual interest to any space. An old, thrifted tray or a shabby chic frame used as a jewelry holder – all add up to that effect.

  1. Add an Accent Piece of Vintage Furniture

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Furniture plays a central role in interior design and a single piece can inject vintage flair into your home. Choose a wooden antique desk for a touch of vintage style, or go for larger pieces, like a mid-century dining table and chairs, if you want to transform the whole space. To finish off your décor, add a few vintage accessories like old books or a charming antique clock.


  1. Add a Few Antique Wall Art Pieces

Adding art in your home is one of the best ways to infuse some nostalgic flair into your space. When looking for vintage-inspired art, start by checking out your local antique store and flea markets, as you might stumble upon some real treasures. Old paintings and vintage picture frames are the ideal pieces to buy if you want to incorporate a Victorian-inspired theme into your décor

  1. Decorate With Staple Vintage Pieces

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Raid your grandma’s attic for any buried treasures or hit the local flea markets for a better chance of finding unique items. Look for iconic vintage pieces like a record player or antique suitcases and keep an eye out for vintage accessories like an antique clock, old books, or an old mirror. 

  1. Opt for Vintage-Inspired Wallpaper

Probably one of the easiest ways to completely change the look of your space, wallpaper has seen a major comeback in the past years. Have your favorite retro pattern reproduced or choose from the multitude of vintage designs out there and create a statement wall in your space. We guarantee it will feel like a comforting hug from the past. 

  1. Update Your Kitchen With Retro Appliances

If you want to enjoy the 1950s aesthetic with a contemporary functionality, go for the modern-day retro-inspired appliances designed by brands like Smeg. Ideal for making a bold retro statement, these appliances are the perfect blend between midcentury style and modern innovation.

  1. Invest in a Tufted Couch

Vintage charm doesn’t necessarily mean old, it is any object that evokes feelings of the past. If you have the budget for a new couch, consider splurging on a tufted design.  Not only are these couches comfy and chic, they will make your home look like it's straight out the Victorian era.

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