8 Ways To Inject Personality Back Into Your Home

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Having spent more time at home than ever before over the past two years, it’s quite likely that your property has lost its spark. If it no longer feels homely, fixing this issue should be a priority for 2022. After all, a happy home environment is a perfect platform to build upon.

Knowing that you want to put some character back into the home is one thing. Actively doing it is another altogether. The following eight top tips will point you in the right direction.

Choose Colors Carefully

A room’s color scheme is naturally the first thing you will notice, even if it’s on a subconscious level. While neutral tones may be trendy, they run the risk of looking a little bland. Embracing the bold colors that you love can instantly transform the look of your surroundings.

Wallpapers are a great way to do this, not least because the walls are meant to set the tone. Visit for inspiration. Even if you do not wish to alter the whole room, you can use a feature wall to your advantage. Accessories that add a little color are ideal too.

Add Photos

The property isn’t only supposed to tell a story. It is supposed to tell YOUR story. The best way to achieve this is through the addition of family photos, holiday souvenirs, and sentimental items. The great news is that these additions do not have to be expensive or require much work.

You won’t want to overdo it with too many items as this can make the home feel cluttered. However, when you get this process right, your home will regain a sense of belonging and ownership. It is often the key to building a home environment rather than replicating the latest IKEA magazine.

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Give Every Room A Purpose

If you regularly moan about a perceived lack of space in the home, you are not alone. However, the harsh reality is that many homeowners are guilty of overlooking the fact that they are not using the space that they have. Updating the unused guest room into something more functional is a great starting point.

You may want to make it a home gym, office, or playroom. Whatever option you take, it has to be better than collecting dust in its current status. You can check out for some ideas. It can add value to the property and, more importantly, your lives.

Bring Nature Into The Home

The desire to create a greener home is shared by millions of homeowners right now. Aside from protecting the planet, many of the updates will boost your long-term finances. Energy-efficient appliances and improved insulation are two great examples. But there are plenty more.

As well as the fundamentals of going green, you should look to use more plant life. it will add a little color to the living spaces while simultaneously bringing a sense of tranquility. Crucially, the air quality will improve. Furthermore, this new habit can quickly encourage you to do more outside.

Revamp Your Garden

When used to its full potential, the garden can add a whole new dimension to the home. Gardening or planting colorful flowers is an ideal starting point. However, other opportunities exist. A BBQ pit, a deck, or a spot to play your favorite sport can make a huge impact. And you will feel happier at home.

Revamping the garden could also include building a summer house or similar structure. Alternatively, sliding doors can combine internal and external areas once and for all. Visit to learn more. If you’ve always wanted to host friends and family at your property, this is a particularly wise home upgrade.

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Add Curb Appeal

You deserve to fall in love with your property each time you return home from a tough day at work. Increased curb appeal is the perfect way to do this and can make your home the envy of the neighbors. This is especially true when living in a new build where all properties look fairly uniform. 

If you want the home to feel personal from the outside, many steps can be completed. A personalized house nameplate can work wonders. Alternatively, painting the front door or adding a mailbox is useful. New driveway asphalt or an automated gate installation are potential options too. 

Make Accessibility Upgrades

When moving into a new home, it is likely that most items are designed with generic needs in mind. However, you may find that it is necessary to alter some of those features in line with your personal requirements. This could be due to age, limited mobility, disabilities, or other life circumstances.

Stairlifts aren’t the only option. Accessibility bathtubs can be found at Bluetooth devices that connect to hearing aids and lower kitchen counters are two other options to consider. If the updates make your life easier, they are a wise investment.

Encourage Family Time

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There is no greater shame than seeing your home become a place where you live separate lives. We all need spaces to relax or work alone. But it’s equally crucial to think about home cinema setups, gaming setups, and dining setups. Sharing little moments of magic together is what truly makes the home a happy environment.

For families with young kids, you can turn chores like cooking into daily moments of bonding. Losing the tech devices and holding a simple conversation can work wonders for your mental health. Moreover, it is a chance to be a better parent by monitoring your child’s development. What more could you want from the home?


Many people lose themselves by trying to create the perfect home. In reality, you would be far better suited to creating YOUR home. Through a combination of small personal touches and a prioritized list of upgrade projects, you can see stunning results.

Above all else, knowing that you’ve made positive changes to the home will put you in a better frame of mind too.

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