A Guide to Prepare Food in Advance for Every Events and Party

Preparing food ahead of time might help you enjoy your party a bit more. Read on to discover a few simple ways to plan and make your party a success.

Food is essential for every party and event. You can not think of a celebration where food is absent. So, when it is the main thing to consider, make sure you have a solid plan. Organizing a party needs planning ahead and managing resources and time. 

If you want to attend to the guests well and enjoy your party, and not spend the entire party in the kitchen, make sure you have prepared some of the food items in advance. 

The following steps will help you with the top tips to prepare the dishes in advance that will make your party planning easier and faster.

Plan the Whole Menu

Plan your party menu in advance. It will help you understand what you need to do ahead of time. To get prepared in advance, make sure you are choosing the easy dishes to cook. Do not try recipes that have complicated preparation. Select a few key dishes to complete everything in time. 

Picking something you have made many times before will help you determine the steps you might be able to complete before the party. Make sure you are considering the amount of time that will go into each dish. 

Plan the side dishes, desserts, and appetizers as well. Write out everything to analyze and decide how much time you will need to do the steps so that you can complete them early.

Practice the Dishes

When you have selected a new dish that you have never cooked, make sure you are practicing it beforehand. Give your recipe a test run. It will help you to flush out the kinks in your selected recipe. 

You will also get a certain idea about the amount of time along with the whole process. It will make you more confident in planning and arranging everything for your party.

Make-Ahead Foods

Some of the food items you can make ahead of time are given below:


You can prepare some appetizers for the guests in advance. They will love munching them as soon as they arrive. You will need to make a make-ahead food plan for this. Salsa, meatballs, Premio Pinwheels, chicken dip, sausages, etc., can be a good choice to start with. These appetizers will begin your party with an appreciable tasty treat.

Main Dishes

You will need more time and effort to prepare the main dishes. Select wisely to save your time. You can prepare pasta salads, casseroles, spicy sausage soup, or tacos to spend less time in the kitchen on the party day. Preparing them in advance will be easier, and your guests' taste buds will be satisfied too. To discover more about fun party foods, visit Limit Less Cooking.


The Party menu can not be complete without sweet treats. Desserts are usually suitable for preparing in advance. So, you can select from many options. 

Ice cream sandwiches, candy bars, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, etc., are some mouthwatering desserts. You can prepare them ahead of time, and they will taste awesome whenever you serve them. 

Go for Shopping

Now, as you know the dishes and recipes you are going to start with, visiting the grocery is a must. Write out the items you need and pick them in advance. 

Remember to check out the staples that are on hand one day before the big event so that you do not need to make a last-minute trip to the grocery on the party day. Check, check, and recheck before you start preparing your dishes to avoid any hazards.

Organize the Ingredients

After you have completed your shopping, make sure you have organized the ingredients well. It will save your cooking time. Group them according to the recipes or the time of using them. 

For instance, you can keep the ingredients together that you will need when preparing beforehand while keeping the other ingredients aside that you will use on the party day. You do not have to spend more time digging through your refrigerator and pantry when you start cooking. This simple step can help you in preparing everything fast. 

Manage the Prepped Food

While prepping everything, ensure you have kept room for the foods you are going to cook. Keep the cold foods at the right temperature until it is time to serve. Clean out your freezer and refrigerator to place them in the made space until the party. 

Arrange the non-perishable snacks on your dining table or the kitchen countertop. Make room and keep everything in the right space to tackle your pre-party food easily.

Maintain a To-Do List

Make a list of tasks you need for the dishes you have selected. You can use it as a timeline to keep everything on track. Sort the list by day. For instance, you can trim and season the meat two days before. The day before, you may cook it and make salads or prepare other things like veggies or dips. 

Make a plan and note everything and proceed accordingly. It will help you get organized to do everything in order, and you will not have to waste any time figuring out what to do next.

Make and Freeze Some Items

To save your time, try to make some of the dishes in advance and freeze them. It will help preserve your foods and retain the flavors. You can prepare items like sauces, pie crusts, bread, and other items that freeze well before a few days of the event and get them out when needed. 

Try to freeze foods quickly. It keeps the texture natural. Package them in thin, small containers to speed up the freezing procedure. Chill the items in the refrigerator first. It will help lower the temperature before you place them in the freezer. 

To keep their taste intact, keep the temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to use airtight containers and label them to find them easily.

Prep Ingredients

If you are planning to cook on the day of the party, you can prepare many ingredients in advance. It will save you time. Prepare the specific ingredients ahead of time that you will need for your menu. You can start with washing, peeling, and cutting the vegetables. Chop them ahead of time to work less later. 

Cutting the fruits for salads in advance can be a good idea. Mix the ingredients beforehand, too, so that you can use them while making the recipe. 

Keep ingredients in individual containers after measuring them as per the requirement. These all preparation will help you cook faster. Think of how chefs on the daily morning TV shows have everything premeasured and mixed to cook live.

Partially Get Prepared 

If the selected items can not be made in advance, you can cook them partially to a certain point. For instance, prepare sauce, rice, meat, etc., ahead of time so that you just have to assemble them the next day. Review every step of your recipe with attention and assemble them accordingly. Try to complete the dishes as far as possible. 

It will help save you lots of time, and you will be able to enjoy the party while attending the guests properly. Be mindful of what can be partially cooked while still being safe to consume. For example, poultry is not something you should partially cook at any given time.

Get out the Serving Platters

You need to get out your serving platters beforehand. Grab the ones you need. Think about the dishes and take out the necessary utensils. You will need them to transfer the food when you have completed your cooking or reheating. Make sure there are enough of them. 

Assemble the items that can go in the serving platter ahead of time and cover with plastic wraps and keep them in the refrigerator until the serving time comes.

Rehearse the Party Drinks

Do not forget the drinks! Make sure you are planning about it too. Keep the serving style in mind and stock up on the ice. Remind if any guests want to bring drinks. Arrange the shaker and corkscrew in a certain spot to find it easily the next day. 

Keep some non-alcoholic options as well for those who prefer seltzer, water, or other alcohol-free drinks.

Plan Reheating

You will need to reheat some items you have prepared in advance. If they are more in number, consider the timing as well as the reheating methods as it can take considerable time to reheat them before your guests' arrival. Heat them in the oven, microwave, or stovetop. 

Make sure you are using the right temperature while reheating to avoid any disaster. You can use a slow cooker to keep your food at the right temperature when serving. 

Clean as You Go

After preparing the foods, make sure you have cleared up all the messes. You will be using several different measuring cups, mixing bowls, and other utensils while cooking. So, if you do not want to pile up your work, wash and clean them as you go. 

It will give you more time to keep working on other dishes as you complete one dish. You will need fewer utensils as well since you can use the same bowls and measuring devices for every other dish.

To Sum Up

Now, you know the steps of getting prepared with the selected dishes beforehand. Plan and go accordingly. Maintaining these steps will certainly make your work easier, and you will be able to enjoy more on the party day. 

Wishing you a cheerful party-time!

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

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