A Lion's Pride For Family Health

By Fredo Outlaw, Holistic Health Coach, Private Chef, Motivational Speaker

Let me tell you a story you may have heard before. There’s the lion and there’s the gazelle. The lion, even though being the king of the jungle, still has to wake up and go kill a gazelle. The gazelle knows it has to run. We know where the story goes from there- lion chases, then catches gazelle. What happens when the lion kills the gazelle? He never eats alone. The lion feeds his family.

Here’s the thing, the lion goes out knowing he has to catch a gazelle. He has his work ahead of him and nothing will stop him. No matter how long he has to stalk or how long he has to run, he will catch his prey. He will feed his family. What are you feeding your family?

We like to rely on convenience and taste, and that’s it. With that, there is no necessity to find and obtain the things that will nourish and grow our children. There is no reason to find or prepare real food. So there is no reason to actually cook. That mentality opens doors for processed, food-like products and fast-food. Things that are convenient and tasty, and nothing more.

The lion knows he has to go get a gazelle. That is what nourishes his family. He doesn’t go and bring back a pile of shrubs. He can’t say, because it taste good and it was only a few feet away, this is what you will eat. He can’t base his choices on convenience and taste because that will not truly feed his family. That will not nourish them in a way that will allow them to thrive with optimal health. The lion does what he needs to do to get what his family needs to survive. He makes that choice before he begins his pursuit.

Next time you’re shopping, take a lion’s mentality with you. Go to a market that has what your family needs to be healthy; not the convenience store. Once you’re there, find food, not fake, tasty products. Go home and cook. If you feel you don’t have the skill or the time, ask a Momma who didn’t have either, but found a way to acquire both. Follow a simple recipe before you follow microwave instructions. Drive from a market before you drive-thru. Make it a point to feed your family the gazelle that will nourish them, instead of things that only taste good and will fill there stomachs. A lion can’t survive off tasty shrubs. And a child can’t survive off anything that requires water and 4 minutes in a microwave. Start cooking! That’s the first step to feeding your family right!

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