AAAA Weed: The New Hype

In a world that judges your "success" from the amount of work you do and the amount of money that you possess, it can be pretty easy to spiral into a world of difficulties, both physical and mental. When this happens, people tend to look for coping mechanisms. Humanity did find a coping mechanism in the form of a herb, lovingly called "weed." Let us see the story of how a plant from ages ago became the hero many sought, but a few understood.


The modern-day trend in the food industry is cannabis and cannabis-related products. The scenario of products having various tiers of quality differences has also arrived in this industry, which has only increased its popularity. Numerous offline weed dispensaries also grade their products in the same way for a global understanding of quality among the entire weed-brotherhood. However, it may be terrifying for beginners to process all the data, knowing all the different types and choosing the best one among them. Well, we did the work for them and simplified the choosing process when it comes to weed.


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Whether you are a pro leisure weed smoker, a long-time stoner, a clinical marijuana consumer, or if you are new to the extensive global circle of cannabis, one factor stays put – all of us learn how to choose the weed of our preference and what works the best for us, and in lots of instances make up our weed terminology. In this article, we check out a few common weed terminology and how they are all graded based on different factors, giving almost entirely different experiences to the users. Once convinced, you may hop onto your computer and check out the Get Kush online dispensary for your serving of the potion.

 What is Weed?

The popularly known weed or marijuana comes from the marijuana plant, an excellent source of multi-purpose hemp extract. Hemp extract has many constituents, and all of them fall under the marijuana market. Various medieval civilizations knew weed as cannabis. Globalization has pushed products all over the world from certain parts of the world. In the past, weed was just a source of entertainment, and there was hardly any other use. The current trend is not quite the same, as weed has many purposes. There may also be scientific know-how behind it as proof. Various researches show that weed has many advantages to offer to its consumers. They can vary from decreasing stress levels to better overall sleep quality and duration.


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The Weed grading system

Most people usually know about cannabis through the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid classifications, apart from THC and CBD, the cannabinoids. These are the parameters that help distinguish different kinds of weed. However, grading different types of weed is a different process. When it comes to grading weed, a definite system helps to distinguish the products. In this system, weed is graded from A to AAAA, where AAAA-grade weed is the premium variant. Various factors come into play when we grade a specific strain. These factors include how the weed was grown, its concentration, and other things.


These factors also determine the physical characteristics of the products, like aroma, flavor, and its benefits. Let us see the different gradings of weed and how to understand them better.


For starters, there are a lot of distinct cannabis strains, and new types are created very often, hence putting a definitive "A-AAAA" grade chart out of the equation. We can still learn about the grading system and understand why particular weed strains are considered the premium AAAA grade and how they are different.


When it comes to weed grades, nothing quite beats the AAAA certification. AAAA is the ultimate premium experience that weed offers you. Every bud is handcrafted, and it makes it to the AAAA category only if all of it is perfect. You find thick, fresh buds and an overwhelming quantity of trichomes. AAAA grade cannabis ranks high in every criterion. These include THC or CBD content, trichome, bud size, aesthetic, terpenoid content, etc. AAAA weed is also pungent smelling, and there is a robust taste and aroma, with a smooth and neat smoke from burning.

Given all these factors, it is understandable that the AAAA grade weed is costlier than AAA weed. At slightly higher prices, you get higher potency (because of the higher THC and or CBD content) and superior aesthetics, a worthy upgrade in many books.

To recognize the superior AAAA band, here is a quick summary of its properties:

  1. It is pungent smelling and has a strong aroma that can attract you from far away.
  2. Its trichomes content is the highest among all the weed grades.
  3. It has dense and fresh buds
  4. Vibrant colors are present, like orange and purple.

As we can see, AAAA grade weed is the top of the shelf for weed choices. It's what you're likely to find on the top shelves of Snoop Dogs, and it is what should work for you.

You can buy AAAA weed from numerous vendors both online and offline. However, ordering online has its own set of benefits like better combos, discounts, ease of access, and others. Before placing your order from your preferred vendor, make sure you trust them, and they are offering you the best quality AAAA weed available. One step you may take is to check if the vendor is certified for quality checks. Various tests ensure that there are no adulterations or pesticides in your preferred weed-based products. You can also check out the reviews of previous consumers.


Weed, as many people know, can serve a lot of purposes. As an additional benefit, it can work as a substitute for smoking. This fact alone takes away all the harmful effects that smoking possesses. These include severe skin and lung diseases. Weed comes from a natural herb, and if consumed in proper doses, doesn't show severe side effects.


However, it is worth remembering that, like for anything else that you put in your body, it may be worth consulting a medical professional first. It's also worth remembering the rules, regulations, and dosage restrictions so that you don't overdo it.


Once all this is taken care of, you are ready to proceed on to your weed journey. It is even better to opt for the better quality product in AAAA grade weed than the others if you are a beginner. You may go for a lesser quantity if you need some cost-cutting. This notion is because of "quality over quantity." You also want your first experience to be top-notch. And for you higher-level weed-connoisseurs out there, you may already know the differences that come with single-grade upgrades and why experienced users tend to prefer AAAA over others any day.


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