Airports to Plan Your Layovers Through

Most-frequent travellers are not big fans of layovers. They can be long, tasking, and usually very boring blocks of time. Usually, a long layover entails hours upon hours of sitting on cold, hard airport decor. If you travel often, you'll soon get tired of the same old duty-free shops and overpriced airport cafes. But not if you're flying through one of these airports that provide endless hours of amusements and memorable layovers.

Some airports are so much fun to fly through that people choose to have layovers just to explore the airports. Here, we talk about some of the world's best airports for pit stops. If you have the choice, you should definitely plan your flights to go through one of these airports.

Singapore Changi Airport

You'll never be at a loss for what to do in Changi Airport in Singapore. This airport is designed to be a self-contained microcosm for tourists who can spend a whole day there. There is something in it for everyone-even a real, live rain forest and a butterfly garden where you can get lost amidst nature. This airport has the highest number of amenities that you can access for free. You can find sleeping pods, free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and children's play areas that are designed in a creative way. There is even a giant slide just for fun.

Unlike most airports, you don't have to check in at an airport hotel to experience the best Changi has to offer. There is a swimming pool that is open for anyone for a price. It also has world-class Asian cuisine available from around the continent. From Malay to Indian and Chinese, Changi's food options are as vast as Singapore's streets. You'll never get tired of eating.

Amsterdam Schiphol
Due to the city's reputation, Amsterdam Schiphol is an art lover's paradise.Not only does it have luxurious shopping; it also has casinos if you're the gambling type, where you can experience a slice of Amsterdam's famous nightlife. The coolest part of this airport is that the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam is inside the airport. You can enter for free and spend your layover gazing at world-famous paintings such as those by Van Gogh. If art isn't quite your cup of tea, you can always go for beer tasting and get a fill of famous Dutch brews in one of Schiphol's many clubs.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai is a hub for all international travel connecting the East and West. Here, you can catch a glimpse of a diverse, multicultural environment, not to mention the architecture, which is a sight to behold in itself. If you've never been to Dubai before, you will be taken by the glitz of the duty-free shops. There are few other airports in the world where you can grab a Big Mac and buy gold bars under the same roof.

A good airport can make layovers enjoyable for even the most jaded traveller. There is no reason to waste hours at a boring airport if there are multiple flight options available. Always do your research to find the most enjoyable airport to fly through. Take into account amenities, shopping options, and architecture when planning your layover.

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