Babies Actually Don't Need All This Stuff

Expecting a baby? Then your baby's needs are definitely topmost on your list of purchases. You've probably out a list of all the stuff that you think you would need and it is most definitely running into a few thousands. Well, one basic mistake that most mothers make - especially the first-timers are buying so much unnecessary stuff that you end up not using.

 There is a whole lot of stuff that babies don't actually need, items that your baby would do just great without. And guess what? Not purchasing these items saves you so much money. So what are some of the stuff that babies don't actually need?

 Let's take a look. 

1. Newborn-sized clothes
Newborn-size clothes are super cute and they set you off all gushing. They are very little and when handling them, you feel like you can't wait to see your baby in them. I'm sorry to break it to you, but buying these would be a very wrong purchase choice. This is one of the top tips on you would ever get if you're looking for the best tips to save on baby supplies

These clothes only fit babies that are up to 7 pounds.  The average American baby weighs 7.5 pounds at birth - creating a possibility that your baby might never even fit into those clothes. For clothes, go with those indicated for babies between 0-3 months, they even fit babies up to 12 pounds. 

2. Shoes
Your baby doesn't plan on going anywhere so shoes are a pretty unnecessary purchase. Although they might look great, and fit your baby's clothes, they are not functional at all. In fact, it is very difficult to ensure that the shoes remain on your baby's feet. 

If you are concerned about your baby getting cold toes, you could get some booties instead - those with snaps are great. Snaps would help you ensure that you don't spend most of your time retrieving kicked off footies. But if you want to buy some nice shoes mainly for pictures or special occasions, sure! Go ahead. 

3. Dedicated Changing Table
This is a pretty unnecessary purchase since right after your baby is grown, you stow it someplace where it takes space and begins to gather dust. While changing tables may actually be great, you could get some other pieces of furniture that easily works just fine and you can use it afterwards too. In addition, you don't expect to change your baby I just one room of your hook so you could be using various surfaces. Instead, you could go with a dresser and a changing bag - this could serve as the main changing spot for your baby. 

4. A Baby Bathtub
A baby bathtub, first of all, comes with the issue of when to store them because trust me, they take up quite an area. They are big and bulky and what's more, you can do without them too! Instead of a baby bath, you could go for a Blooming Bath or a Puj tub which can be fitted into the sink and doesn't take up much space. Then when your baby outgrows the sink, you could use your bathtub - all you have to do is use a laundry basket to help your little one sit up and ensure that he doesn't fall over. 

5. Multiples of Everything
Buying extras is a great way to go just in case something goes missing or gets damaged. Buying a number of these supplies to use at first is great because let's face it, your baby is going to have preferences. Imagine buying a slew of swaddling blankets and your baby ends up not being big on swaddling. Or newborn outfits that your baby grows out of in a couple of weeks. These are a clear waste of money so maybe buying multiples of everything at once is not such a great idea. 

6. Wipes Warmer
I'm pretty sure you have your baby's best at heart, so you don't want to use cold wipes on him right? Well, sure, get a wipe warmer. But I promise you that you would get tired in no time. When it comes to changing wipes, it can happen just about anywhere, and you cannot carry your warmer about, so, purchasing one isn't a practical decision at all. In addition, wipes put in warmers dry out a lot faster and mold quicker as well. So using wipes just as they are - at room temperature is the best decision after all. 

7. A Bassinet
Foregoing a Bassinet to buy a co-sleeper is actually an amazing buy. Since your baby will be sleeping in your room for the first few months, a co-sleeper where you can easily reach out and grab your baby without having to get out of bed is priceless. It also guarantees you a good sleep and easier access to feed your baby without having to get up fully. For this, you would need to know your baby's sleep schedule by heart do you know when to get up. 

8. Crib Bedding Set
Trust me, you do not want to make this purchase. First off, they are very pricey - if you're working with a budget, it would definitely put you off-budget. Then the bumpers are a choking hazard as well. Also, there is a very high possibility that you wouldn't use the quilt that comes in the package. So it is basically one of those items you can clean off your list. Crib Sheet sets are a lot better too. 

9. Baby Blankets
Baby blankets are one item that you may need but do not necessarily have to buy - particularly if you're going to have a baby shower. Most people go to baby showers bearing blankets as gifts so you're going to be swamped with so much. And these blankets would come in different shapes and sizes so you have all you need for various purposes. But if you need to buy, then buy just what you need for your baby. No use buying too many extras. 

10. Baby Pillow
There should be absolutely nothing in your baby's crib, especially not a pillow. A pillow is a choking hazard so you do not want to toe this path. Also, no toys or blankets. 

Shopping for a baby might be quite tasking but provided you know everything that you need, you would find it to be quite a breeze. For some of the items that you definitely need to get for your baby, you can check them out here.

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