Best Design Trends of 2021

You’ve made it past the year that shall not be named and now you’re looking to spruce up the spot you spent most of your time in over the last twelve months. What have you missed? What is everyone doing now? If you feel like you just dug yourself out from underground and the sun is blinding your eyes, you’re not the only one. Check out some of the best design trends of 2021 to get up to speed and get to work on improving your interiors.

Let There Be Light (& Plants!)

Ditch your heavy curtains and let the light flood in. Natural light, particularly during wintery weather, boosts your serotonin (a perk you’re sure to cherish now more than ever!) People are staying indoors more often, and incorporating natural light brightens and livens any room — and any mood. With all that light, you can invite plants indoors and create an ambiance that not only oozes of natural life, but that also doubles as an air purifier.

Keep It Functional

Formal living spaces are out, and functional rearrangements are in. Dining areas now double as work-from-home offices and guest rooms have turned into remote learning classrooms. Modular sofas work in all spaces, so don’t be afraid to get creative. With more families spending time inside the home, space has become a luxury. Static, decorous rooms are now brimming with activities and require intentional design adjustments. There is no hard and fast rule — the aim is functionality. Think of it this way: if it works for the new normal, then it works for design in the home. 

Make It Cozy

In keeping with Marie Kondo’s sage advice, if it’s not bringing you joy, get rid of it! Decluttering has a way of improving your overall sense of wellbeing. With stress at an all-time high and fear mongering on every media channel, home should be your place of self-care, where you cozy up and forget the day’s (and world’s) woes. Incorporate art that speaks to your soul; display the books that have comforted and inspired you; and add only the fluffiest, comfiest throw blankets to your space. After all the social distancing and lack of human touch, at the very least you should create warmth in the environment you call home.

Employ the Art (& Purpose) of Color

Color has a way of playing with your senses, and warm tones like soft olive and golden beige are being welcomed into homes to bring a touch of nature indoors. Don’t forget your classic blue, an always-welcome hue that brings a sense of calm and relaxation into your home. Offset any darker blues, like navy, with brighter colors, like yellow and always-in-style white. If it’s too dark in any room, it can start to feel depressing, and you definitely don’t need another year of wondering why you just don’t feel right!

Even Martha Stewart, the domestic lifestyle pioneer, reminds you that rearranging furniture eases anxiety. And after last year, you could definitely use a breath of fresh air — both outside while you soak up Vitamin D and inside your home, where you spend much of your time. Open your windows, rearrange furniture, and use color tactically for a 2021 you’ll want to remember. 

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

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