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Time Management: How To Live With Your Child During Summer Vacation

When the days get longer and the kids are home from school, it's easy to feel a little frazzled, especially if you have children who deal with anxiety. Luckily, there is natural anxiety medication for children that may help your child to feel more self-assured as they take on summer activities. Of course, understanding how to structure the summer is important as well.

Create a Schedule

Kids need a schedule even during the summer. Create a loose routine that includes the essentials but provides plenty of time for free play as well. Get up at the same time each morning and have a healthy, fuel-providing breakfast. Then, get dressed, brush your teeth, and enjoy the day. Remember to maintain the schedule as needed throughout the afternoon and evening, including having lunch at the same time, eating dinner at the same time, and creating a bedtime routine. Good bedtime routines typically include bathtime, storytime, and tuck-ins. 

Set Boundaries

Creating summer boundaries is an excellent way to give your kids independence and allow yourself downtime at the same time. Keep in mind that boundaries will look different based on your children's ages and that someone with ADHD 5 year old symptoms will need different boundaries than a 5-year-old without ADHD. 

Present the scenario, provide options, and calmly list the consequences of broken boundaries, such as losing internet privileges for using them irresponsibly. Let your children negotiate sometimes as well, though. This helps them to gain independence and learn communication skills. Examples of good negotiation topics include bedtime, reading time, and spending money. 

Plan Activities But Allow Downtime

It's important for your child to have fun things to do throughout the summer to prevent boredom, but it's also important not to plan activities for every moment of every day. Think about your children's interests to determine which types of activities to schedule. If you have one who loves to read, check out the free activities your local library offers. If your kids are into sports, consider joining a summer baseball league or heading to the lake for a swim. Other ideas include going on hikes, volunteering together, or working on a summer project. Remember to leave at least a few days a week free of planned activities, which allows you to rest and simply see where the day takes you. 

Record Your Memories

You'll want to look back on the summer's happy memories, so be sure to record them. Snapping photographs on your phone is a quick and easy way to grab some memories, but you can also get more creative with it. Consider creating travel photo albums of the places you visit together, keeping a journal, recording videos, or even burying a time capsule to open during the following summer. These engaging activities keep kids interested while providing you with plenty to look back on. 

Routines, activities that engage your children's interests, and over the counter ADHD medication for child may help you to create a happier and less stressful summer for yourself and your children. Always talk to your pediatrician before giving your children supplements.

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