Bring the Family Together With These Fun Activities

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The prevalence of screens in our family homes has made getting together as a group much more difficult. The little ones just want to watch cartoons, the teenagers seem to be glued to their phones and the parents are just as bad (though we never admit it!). While technology has certainly had some huge benefits, genuine social interaction does feel like strike

While there are lots of family activities you might go on holiday, it is important to work some family time in during the week and at the weekends too. The aim should be to talk to each other and catch up as well as encourage your kids to talk about their concerns and anything else that might occur to them. 

So, what are the best ways to get together?

Weekend Treats

There’s nothing like a bit of a treat to bring everyone together and doing activities over the weekend is the best time to get some real fun in. After the stresses and strains of the week, going bowling or working your way out of an escape room are just the thing to take your mind off your work and regular life for a moment and concentrate on something else.

Weekend treats don’t have to be expensive and could be as simple as going out for a meal together. However, you should think about what is suitable for the whole family and maybe rotate who gets to choose what you all do that weekend. This way you won’t get stuck in the same habits and everyone has the chance to shake things up. 

Set Aside an Afternoon

In many cases, families don’t get to enjoy time altogether because we just aren’t organized enough to all be free at the same time. Since we are all being pulled in a million different directions at once, a smart thing to do is mark out an afternoon on the calendar for everyone to stay home and to give yourselves a chance to reconnect. 

Board games are a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon but outdoor games like basketball and baseball are ideal for tailoring to your own family and numbers. Getting outdoors is also perfect for kids who spend way too much time inside looking at screens.

Everyday Joy

But really, we should all be spending much more time with our families and even half an hour of an evening will make a real difference to your relationship. Try cooking dinner together or making sure that everyone sits around the table and gets a turn to chat about their day. Teenagers might be a bit monosyllabic but keep trying! 

Though it is all too easy to sit in your own digital bubble all the time and let your kids do the same, there are plenty of ways that you can do more together and enjoy each other’s company. Starting with talking over your dinner and including some real quality time over the weekend, you will see a big difference in your family and in yourself too. 

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