Building Your Dream Kitchen on a Budget

You are faced with a tricky dilemma: on the one hand, you know your kitchen is in desperate need of a fresh lick of paint. On the other, you’re fully aware that your budget falls way short of covering for a full kitchen overhaul. 
While this situation might seem dire, never fear. With a thrifty and imaginative mindset, there are numerous methods available to revitalize your kitchen without splashing an excessive amount of cash. 

If you’re skeptical, read below for tips on how to turn your tired kitchen into a dream destination.

Add a new kitchen worktop
Initially, you’ll be doubtful as to why the words “new kitchen worktop” exists in an article all about budgeting. However, this type of update can be cheaper than you think. 

It’s true that premium worktops, the types that finish quartz surfaces and granite, could set you back thousands of dollars. Yet there are durable composites available at a much more competitive price point. Plus rather than being noticeably inferior, these composites are effective in replicating the flourish and character of expensive worktops. 

Create a feature wall 
A feature wall hasn’t managed to retain the popularity it once held a few years ago. Despite this, it is a fantastic way to freshen up your kitchen’s décor without having to dedicate much time or money. 

If you have a dining area in the kitchen, this space could be the ideal place for the feature wall. With distinctive wallpaper that’s separate from the design of the rest of the kitchen, it truly accentuates the dining area as its own individual space.

Accessorize with new features
The kitchen is, of course, a place that is packed with small features. After all, appliances such as a kettle, microwave, and toaster proudly sit on virtually every worktop across the country. 

With that said, there are other accessories you could add to bring sparkle to the kitchen. For example, you could add a new colorful chopping board to the worktop. Perhaps even a fruit bowl, or a funky wine rack. The possibilities are endless.  

How do you save money by purchasing such accessories? Well, there’s always the option of utilizing coupons. From Walmart coupons to a Lowes coupon, most large retailers – including those who stock kitchen-related items – will offer some form of discount against the original price. Also make sure to check out the best budget toasters available for purchase online. You wouldn't believe what you can find for just under $20.

Add light to your life
A new lighting system is an easy method for providing your kitchen with a different atmosphere. Lights help define your kitchen’s style, set the mood, and highlight room features all in one go. There are even tricks available where you can create an illusion of more space with your lighting.

Update the cabinets 
Your budget might not quite stretch to installing brand new cabinets. Despite this, you still have the option of revamping those cabinets without needing to spend much money. A fresh lick of paint on the cabinets is an obvious choice, but you could also change the handles to give them a different dimension. 

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