CBD in the Kitchen: Tips for Cooking With CBD

No longer are we stuck in the realms of relying on traditional ingredients to make meals because now, more and more people are turning to cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) as a common staple in the kitchen and recipes. From refreshing beverages, salads, and desserts to popular main dishes, CBD has opened up an abundant range of possibilities when it comes to culinary pursuits, and in this blog post, we will be exploring the basics of cooking with CBD oil by giving you some important tips on how to best incorporate this ingredient into your food creations. So keep reading and get ready to throw down some delicious recipes in the kitchen after reading this article! 

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Know Your Dose

The first tip that you should know when cooking with CBD is to know your dose well. When cooking with CBD, you must know how much CBD is in each serving because this will help you determine just the right dose for your needs. An example would be if you are using a CBD oil that contains 10 mg of CBD per serving and you want to make a dish that contains four servings, you will need to use 40 mg of CBD oil. To get a better understanding, visit the most comprehensive and detailed online resource, Nature & Bloom, on how to properly dose CBD, where to find the best CBD ingredients and extensive reviews by a team of experts in the field.

Use a Carrier Oil

One thing you need to understand about CBD is that it is not water-soluble, which means that it will not dissolve in water. Because of this reason, when you are cooking with CBD, you must use a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil, because doing so will help to ensure that the CBD is distributed evenly throughout the dish that you are preparing. 

Add CBD at the End of Cooking

Another tip that you need to know is that it is best to add CBD to your food at the end of the cooking process. The reason why you want to do this is that adding CBD at the beginning of the cooking process may cause the CBD to degrade due to the immense heat. With that in mind, it is best to add CBD towards the end of cooking, or you can add CBD to the dish after it has been cooked. This will help to preserve the potency of CBD. 

Be Careful With the Temperature

The next tip that you need to know is to be careful with the temperature. The reason why this is an important thing to do is that CBD is sensitive to heat and light, which is why it is important to be careful with temperature when cooking with CBD. You should avoid cooking with CBD at high temperatures, as this can cause the CBD to degrade, which is what you want to avoid happening. In addition to this, you also want to avoid storing CBD dishes in direct sunlight, because this can also work to degrade the CBD in the food. 

Start With a Small Amount

Last but not least, the final tip for cooking with CBD is that you should always start with a small amount and then progress to larger amounts as you go on if need be. When cooking with CBD for the first time, it is best to start with a small amount because this will help you gauge how your body reacts to the CBD. Starting with too high a dose can cause unwanted side effects such as fatigue, nausea, or diarrhea, which you can avoid by starting with a smaller dose at first. 

CBD can be a great addition to your favorite recipes, whether they are for beverages, main dishes, or desserts. There’s nothing like an extra bit of CBD for its added health benefits. If you haven’t jumped on the CBD bandwagon yet, you definitely should try, and what better way to have fun with CBD than to cook with it? Just remember these important tips before hitting up the kitchen with your CBD: Know your dose, use a carrier oil, add CBD at the end of cooking, be careful with the temperature, and start with a small dose first before going onto larger doses.

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