Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s Preferred Knife Set

The world culinary industry is blessed with an array of talents, and the bulk of these talents are known to transcend their niches and go the extra mile in providing sumptuous meals. Chefs are much more than mere cooks these days, as they've become global brands, social media influencers, and top-notch creatives in their own right. It takes quite some effort to conquer the ever-expanding world of cooking, but Masaharu Morimoto has done a great job at it. He's been around for a while and catered for some of the most prominent people on the planet. As well as appeared on the number one cooking show on television. It's thus no surprise that the spotlight is being shone on the grandmaster today, as we'll be looking at his preferred knife set, amongst other things.

Here, we will be taking you through a brief background on the culinary expert, showing you where he came from and how he got his start in the industry. We will also discuss his unique cooking technique and incorporate elements of two or more international cuisines. Further along the line, we will delve into the Chef Masaharu Morimoto knife set and examine what makes it different from the rest on the market. So without further ado, let's get to discussing one of the greatest chefs that the world has seen!


Born and bred in Tokyo and an ardent student of the intricacies of the Japanese Cuisine, Masaharu Morimoto got his primary culinary schooling done in his home country, precisely the city of Hiroshima. He took his time to learn the ropes till he eventually opened his restaurant in the same town in 1980. It was a great experience and proved to be an eye-opener for the inquisitive chef. After about five years of owning his restaurant, he decided to sell it and travel to the United States of America. This proved a masterstroke, as it was his travels all over the United States of America and the observing of different cooking styles that largely influenced the fusion technique that is serving him so well even to date. He held top positions at the best restaurants in Manhattan and New York City, the culmination being his elevation to the status of head chef in Nobu.

Things took off for him at Nobu, as he got a big break on the hit show Iron Chef, where he battled against similar top-notch chefs every week on national television. Following his stint at Iron Chef, he resigned from his position at Nobu, opting to collaborate with Starr Restaurants and open his restaurant in Philadelphia in 2001. Chef Masaharu Morimoto hasn't looked back ever since, as he has expanded to locations in Chelsea in New York City, Mumbai, Napa Valley, Hawaii, among other places.

Masaharu Morimoto has won numerous awards for his efforts in the culinary industry. He has a Michelin Star for his Morimoto XEX project in Tokyo, an induction into the Culinary Hall of Fame, and an official win/loss/tie record on Iron Chef of 16-7-1 other honors.

Cooking Style and Signature Dishes

Chef Masaharu Morimoto is known and adored worldwide for his unique take on Japanese fusion, which has played a massive role in his ascent to greatness. He has been doing this for decades and is showing no signs of hanging out the frying pan. Here are some of the Iron Chef's most iconic meals, a perfect depiction of Japanese fusion.

1. Netsuke

This sumptuous dish used to be a treat that Chef Masaharu Morimoto's mother made for him growing up, and it's no surprise that he took it with him to the mainstream. Netsuke is a light meal to make, and it's not for rookies or newbies in the culinary industry. This dish is fantastic as a "main course for dinner, and it goes very well with white rice." Chef Masaharu Morimoto serves this delicacy in most of his restaurants, and you'll be in for a treat if that's your order.

2. Nori Tsukudani

Another famous dish in his hometown of Hiroshima, the Nori Tsukudani, is a special meal required to be made with intricacy and love, two attributes that the Iron Chef has in abundance. It would help if you ate this dish with rice, and it makes for a great supper treat or mere condiment. If you're a fan of Iron Chef, then you'll certainly know a thing or two about Nori Tsukudani and the reactions that it elicits.

3. Ramen

Little did Masaharu Morimoto know that this Japanese usually would become an absolute hit in his adopted country of the United States of America. Ramen is something that the great chef always had in abundance in his home country, and he brought it along when coming to America in 1985. When he owned his restaurant, he started experimenting with the meal to give it an American feel. It's been a hit, and Ramen is now a fixture across the country, all thanks to Morimoto.

Signature Knife Set

Masaharu Morimoto has achieved quite some fame in the culinary industry, and it only fits that he has a knife set that captures the creativity he presents. Hence, the "Morimoto Edition knives by Miyabi are manufactured in Japan and represent some of the highest quality and most technologically advanced cutlery available today." These knives are amongst the finest signature knives in the culinary industry. The blades are manufactured at the Miyabi factory, located in Seki, Japan, a region renowned for sword and knife manufacturing for over 800 years.

What's more, Chef Masaharu Morimoto's signature knife set represents the Japanese fusion technique of cooking that has brought him so much fame over the years. This Miyabi Morimoto Edition is durable, easy to use, easy to maintain, efficient, and it's a great representation of the class that the great chef exudes. You'll be getting a remarkable value for money with this culinary masterpiece, and the makers are amongst the best in the business.

Final Thoughts

There's no way you'd mention the top twenty chefs in the world without mentioning Chef Masaharu Morimoto. We all love Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Ray, Chef Nobu, and the likes, but there's something about this Tokyo native that feels so appealing to the mere mortal (and his or her taste buds). Masaharu Morimoto is undoubtedly one of the best celebrity chefs on the planet, and his journey is simply inspirational. It's not every Tokyo kid that can grow up to earn a Michelin Star, a spot on Iron Chef, a Masaharu Morimoto knife set, a chain of successful restaurants, and the position of Executive Chef at Nobu. Chef Masaharu Morimoto has done all of the above, and it's not looking like he's just about done. Who is the number one Chef in the world? I don't think Chef Masaharu Morimoto is far from that title if we're fair to his craft.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

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