{Chicago} Local restaurant partners with @Common_Threads to inspire young chefs

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Chef Art Smith is well-known around the country for becoming Top Chef Master’s winning Top Chef in the series’ first season.

The money he won from his winnings funded his charity of choice, which happens be his own, Common Threads. Common Threads teaches young, low income children cooking skills to help prevent childhood obesity, and a beloved organization based in Chicago with outlets in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Miami.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 the students from the Small Threads and their families will be taking over Roti Mediterranean Grill! Small Threads is a Common Threads honors program that provides students with opportunities to experience many engaging and interesting culinary and health related events.  

As a program partner, Roti Mediterranean Grill, is committed to making the Small Threads experience meaningful and life changing by hosting a dinner, cooking demo and tasting of the Roti menu at the 10 S Riverside restaurant.

The dinner will allow the kids to stay connected to cooking and build upon their culinary skills when Roti Executive Chef Barry Brooks teaches them a few cooking techniques that are sure to impress their Common Threads teachers. The Small Threads will also sample and offer their valued feedback on a few dishes that are being considered for the Roti Kids Menu.

Roti’s Mediterranean inspired menu offers a wide variety of flavorful and nutritious options that are affordable and support their commitment to serving “food that loves you back.” 

Director of Marketing at Roti, Peter Nolan talks to Common Threads kids about what healthy eating means to them and their community

Roti Executive Chef, Barry Brooks gives the Common Threads students a tour of the Roti "line" showing the ingredients and how they serve customers

The Common Threads students and their parents chow down on Mediterranean inspired cuisine at Roti

Roti serving up a Mediterranean inspired dinner for the students of Common Threads and their parents

Director of Marketing at Roti, Peter Nolan asks the Common Threads students about their favorite nutritious snacks

The Common Threads students get a tour of the Roti kitchen

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