Chicago Market Wants To Change The Way You Shop For Groceries @ChicagoMKT

As Momma Cuisine and a mom, I always try to maintain a balance of conscious eating and way of life and the everyday struggle for convenience. More and more, people are figuring out ways to bring both together so that we can have better and affordable access to good sources of food while supporting local artisans and farmers, and making it a lot easier to find.  This year, Chicago Market was born.

Chicago Market founder Gregory Berlowitz, an environmental lawyer, says this grocery store is vital to the community.

“More than ever, people want to know where their food comes from,” Berlowitz says. “Chicago Market is committed to transparency and food education. We will help local food get to consumers effectively and efficiently by building a community among consumers, farmers and producers. And because we’re a cooperative, the capital, ownership, profit and benefits come from and stay in the community.”

A core group of more than 50 people has been working on developing Chicago Market for the past year.

The co-op will be a bright, beautiful grocery store, easily accessible to people from Roscoe Village on the south to Edgewater on the north, and from the lakefront to as far west as Albany Park. It will be a full-service grocery store featuring produce and dairy, butcher service, prepared foods, salad bar, bakery and other services.

“We will be a destination grocery store that combines the best in quality, terrific service, farmers’ markets, and community hubs,” Berlowitz says. “We will have classes and programs,community spaces, and be the place where people meet their neighbors and connect over the most fundamental need: food.”

The local food community is already excited to see the birth of  Chicago Market.

Read the entire press release here.

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